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Vir Exterior Laminate

VIR Exterior Grade Laminates

VIR Exterior Grade Laminates are designed to withstand continuous exposure to ultraviolet light and outside atmospheric pressure without losing their colour. They are made to European standards to meet the architects' diverse creative needs; they can be used for both building cladding and homes or site office systems.

VIR Laminate, sometimes known as "VIR Ext-Lam," is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of exterior laminate. Vir Ext-Lam range is built to withstand the harsh outdoors, providing years of luxury, relaxation, and most importantly, durability.

With the help of our excellent assortment VIR Ext-Lam, VIR Exterior Laminates may help you create an eye-catching perspective of your exteriors. These laminate sheets were created with the intent of improving the appearance of your exteriors.

The exterior walls of buildings should not only be durable and weather-resistant, but also appealing to people. VIR Ext-lam (Exterior Laminate) is created under severe pressure and heat, allowing them to withstand erosion from the environment. They are made primarily for outdoor use and come with a variety of appealing features. For all types of residential and commercial building projects, we create a wide choice of external laminate sheets and outside laminate boards. VIR exterior grade laminates come in vertical and horizontal designs, providing your project a sensual and distinctive appearance while keeping flexibility.

VIR Laminate produces Exterior Grade Laminates which are specifically designed and manufactured for external wall cladding to provide greater strength while also providing creative colour and design options. Exterior High-Pressure Laminates, or HPL, have been the most popular material choice for our clients in India for years to build unique home facades.

VIR Laminates ensures that by using our Ext-Lams, you can maintain the colour of your outer wall for years, even in the face of changing weather conditions. Our exterior laminates offer flawless finishes that are sturdy and resilient enough to withstand years of outside exposure. These outdoor HPL panels are code compliant and are simple to install. They also come with an industry-leading warranty.

Now, in order to achieve the look you desire, don't skimp on product quality! VIR Laminate offers exterior wall panels in a range of colours and styles, as well as excellent quality assurance.

Availability of different sizes in this laminate helps reduce the waste on application.


Wall Cladding | Partition Walls | Railings | Front Gates and Doors | Balconies | Residential & Commercial Application | Ceilings/Roofing | Outdoor Furniture | Park Benches

Available Size:

8ft X 4ft (2440mm X 1220mm) | 9ft X 4.25ft (2800mm X 1300mm) | 10ft X 4.25ft (3050mm X 1300mm)

Available Thickness:

6mm to 15mm (Customized thickness upon demand only)

Vir Exterior Grade Laminates