VIR Primelam

VIR Prime Laminates

Prime Laminate Collection by VIR

VIR Laminate introduces 'VIR Primelam,' a 0.8 mm thick laminate collection with textures and finishes inspired by the lavish interiors of fine homes. Our Prime Laminate Collection is a long-lasting laminate that comes in a wide range of photo-realistic designs and finishes at affordable prices. Our Primelam collection is well worth your money because you will receive high-end material that is attractive, sturdy and long-lasting.

VIR Laminates uses cutting-edge technology to create high-quality prime laminate sheets that are solid and provide a variety of other benefits such as strength, ease of maintenance, fashionable designs, minimal heat conduction, and so on. By integrating multiple current production technologies, Prime Laminate achieves a true hardwood texture.

Our Prime Laminates can be used in both residential and business settings. They're employed in a variety of furniture and interior design projects. As a post-formable tabletop, high-pressure laminate sheets in big sizes that are both sturdy and appealing can be used. Smaller HPL sheets at a lower cost can also be utilised as a pressed decorative panel. They are great for use as a pressed HPL panel for kitchen cabinets, furniture, and desktops. Stain, scratch, wear-and-tear resistance makes these laminates ideal for any form of furniture surface decorating.

All varieties of laminate sheets, including Primelam, are manufactured and supplied by VIR Laminate throughout India. We not only manufacture durable laminate sheets, but we also assure their long-term quality. Our Prime Laminates are both functional and versatile.

Available Size:

  • 8ft X 4ft (2440mm X 1220mm)