Post Forming Laminates

VIR Post Forming laminate


VIR Laminate is a major manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of high-quality Post-Forming Laminates for both residential and commercial applications. We've spent years honing the technique of producing high-quality Post-Forming laminates with distinctive shapes and features.

The term "post forming" refers to the bending of specifically created laminate grades that, in addition to having all of the qualities of standard grade high pressure laminates, can also be bent into simple cylindrical concave or convex curves. Horizontal stiff, inflexible sheets are typical of traditional laminate. Post-formed laminate is a type of laminate that is slightly thinner and more flexible than standard laminate. A sheet of laminate is heated during the post forming process to soften the resins in the material, allowing the laminate to flex more easily. Post forming is a method of putting laminates to any substrate with suitably shaped edges, then rolling the laminate over the edges to create a single, uninterrupted laminate surface.

The goal of our post-forming procedure at VIR Laminate is to give the laminate more flexibility by allowing it to bend. These laminates are intended to be used on bending surfaces. You can ensure that surface design is never limited to only straight edges by using VIR Post forming laminates.

VIR Post-forming grade laminates are intended to roll in a simple radius around the edges of a substrate and are suitable for use on both vertical and horizontal interior surfaces. The end result is a surface that is smooth, evenly laminated, and appealing, with no splits or gaps at the edges. By eliminating seams, they will improve the decorative feature of any ordinary laminate's edges. Our post-formed laminates have rounded edges rather than sharp ones. They are created in such a way that they are stain resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance, and moisture resistance.

VIR Laminate is one of India's leading post-forming laminate suppliers, offering a diverse range of laminates in beautiful designs for a variety of applications, all manufactured with cutting-edge technology. Our post-forming laminates are used on surfaces that need no seams for a smooth and edge-free appearance, as well as those that need a rolled edge. VIR Laminate produces post formed laminate sheets in a variety of styles and textures for use in a variety of applications such as furniture, executive tables, cabinet doors, drawer fronts, desktops and others. Our post-formed laminates are specifically designed for countertops and cabinetry.

Explore our range of Post-Forming Laminates that offers your interior surfaces a convenient look.

Available Size:

8ft X 4ft (2440mm X 1220mm)