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Get all VIR Laminate’s products at one place, check them all out and see for yourself which one fits the best. We’ve made sure to emphasize the fact that we cater to all of your needs, and our laminate selections encompass all the various forms and textures that you can ask for.



Home & Office Furnishing | Column Cladding | Office Partitions | Wall Paneling | Storage Units | Cubicles | Check-out Desks | Vanity Units


Something for everyone

1.25 mm | 1 mm Master Series | Compact | Ext-Lam | Digital Layer | Unicolor | Mar Resistance Grade | Post Forming | 0.8 mm Primelam | High Gloss | Door | Lab Grade | FR Grade Chalk/Marker Grade | Sleek

A glance at our products

1.25 mm Laminate

Find the Premium Laminate that you need, but also the ones that your spaces truly deserve to be graced with.

1 mm Laminate

Integrating decades of experience and expertise, 1 mm Master Series includes the finest assortment of textures and finishes.

0.8 mm Laminate

When your places need an aesthetic boost, you know what to choose. VIR Primelam will give your place the makeover that they deserve.

VIR Ext-Lam

Laminates that are built to withstand the harsh outdoors  and stand the test of time in terms of quality and durability.

VIR Door Laminates

Door laminate designs that match and blend effortlessly with environments, be it homes or workspaces.

VIR Digital Laminate Sheets

VIR Laminate presents a diverse collection of digital laminates, curated to elevate every facet of interior design. Explore our exquisite range to add a touch of sophistication to every corner of your living spaces.

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