Laminates Catalogue, India

Laminate catalogue by VIR

VIR High Pressure Laminate

HPL is crafted from distinctively selected decorative papers and absorbent Kraft paper infused with melamine and phenolic resins. HPL holds superior dimensional stability as it is pressed and hardened under heat and high pressure. This makes VIR laminates resistant against scratches, stains and even boiling water. Available in 500 plus designs, 50 plus textures and finishes, these laminates can take on the wear and tear of time.

VIRLAM Applications

Home & Office Furnishing | Column Cladding | Office Partitions | Wall Panelling | Storage Units Cubicles Check-out Desks | Vanity Units and many more...

Laminate Range by VIR
VIR Laminate Product Range

1mm Master Series | Compact | Ext-Lam | Digital Layer | Unicolor | Mar Resistance Grade | Post Forming | Primelam (0.8mm) | High Gloss | Door | Lab Grade | FR Grade Chalk/Marker Grade | Sleek | VIR 90° PVC Flexible Laminates

1mm Vir Laminate Product

1 MM Master Series

Finest assortment of textures and finishes for spaces that are influenced by the plethora of remarkable destinations of the world.

Vir Primelam

VIR Primelam

Give your routine places an outstanding appearance with primelam's premium assortment of textures and finishes that adorn the elegant home.

Digital Laminate

Digital Laminate

Printed designs and textures that bring refinement and beauty to the internal applications of residential buildings that are adapted to the needs of the customer.

Vir Door Laminate

VIR Door Skin

The diverse, distinctive and dapper choices of door laminate designs that can match well with the home and workspaces by adding comfort and warmth.

Vir Exterior Laminate

VIR Ext-Lam

VIR Ext-lam (Exterior Laminates) are created under great pressure and high temperature. This enables them to withstand erosion from natural elements.

Unicolor Laminate

VIR Pastel Color

Our innovative team has created a special surface solution to give you more choices than ever. VIR Uni-Color laminates are made out of layers of same or matching colours

Post Forming Laminates

VIR Post Forming Laminates

Our innovative creation "post-forming laminates" are ideal for vertical and horizontal applications have a smooth and appealing surface with no splits or gaps in various designs and textures.

VIR Kitchen Laminate

VIR Kitchen Laminate

Our product comes in a variety of designs, textures and patterns to complement your magnificent and aesthetic style while enriching every nook of your kitchen.

VIR Textured Laminate

VIR Textured Laminate

Match your space with textured laminate to give a rustic, vintage and classic touch to elevate and beautify your commercial or residential look.

VIR Decorative Laminate

VIR Decorative Laminate

Enhance the appearance of your interior décor with a variety of decorative laminates that offer an appealing and contemporary touch to places.

VIR High Gloss Laminate

VIR High Gloss Laminate

VIR High Gloss Laminates is an exquisite choice for commercial and residential spaces to give a vibrant and excellent look.

VIR High Pressure Laminate

VIR High Pressure Laminate

High-pressure laminates are created to be resilient and durable with a knack to retain their appearance and color for a long time.

VIR High Gloss Laminate

VIR Anti-Bacterial Laminates

Our popular products; Anti-Fungal, Anti-Virus and Anti-Bacterial laminates can eliminate microorganisms and lessens the risk of contagion.