Unicolor Laminates

There are no design limits in today's world, and that creates limitless opportunities for expression. That is why, we have come up with yet another unique innovation - VIR Unicolor. It is a niche product made from layered decorative color papers only. VIR UniColor laminates are made out of layers of same or matching colours throughout the thickness of the laminate to avoid the dark colour seams which appear on the edges/joints of regular laminates. They give an even and consistent look to the surface and the edges.

Available in Glossy and Matt finishes, they give a seamless adornment to any substrate or furniture and are available in a wide range of color choices to give all kinds of applications a superior and vibrant look. They can add vibrant accents to uplift the mood of any space in a room, infusing it with a rush of positive energy.

These designs are a special grade and are supplied against confirmed orders only.

AVAILABLE SIZE : 8ft X 4ft (2440mm X 1220mm)


(Available in Thickness: 1 MM, Size: 8ft X 4ft)

  • Design Name : Stop Red
    Finish : AMF & ASG
    Design Code : 1029cc

  • Design Name : Off White
    Finish : AMF & ASG
    Design Code : 2001cc

  • Design Name : Black Current
    Finish : AMF & ASG
    Design Code : 3042cc

  • Design Name : Milky White
    Finish : AMF & ASG
    Design Code : 4001cc

  • Design Name : Iron Grey
    Finish : AMF
    Design Code : 6009cc

  • Design Name : Dark Orange
    Finish : ASG
    Design Code : 7037cc

  • Design Name : Carbon Blue
    Finish : ASG
    Design Code : 1031cc

  • Design Name : O.B.C. Green
    Finish : ASG
    Design Code : 5038cc

  • Design Name : Lite Yellow
    Finish : ASG
    Design Code : 9033cc