Laminate Sheets

Laminate Sheet Manufacturer in India

VIR Laminate Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India - Among the India’s top Manufacturer of Laminates Sheet, VIR Laminate brings a legacy of exceptional artistry, unsurpassed quality and unyielding passion for excellence to the table. With a production capacity of 3.9 million sheets annually, we have always ensured that superior quality products are available to you. state-of-the-art technology and creative decor solutions have been our guiding principles from outset.

Professionals such as architects, interior designers and end consumers can rely on us to immerse their decor ideas with elegance and character.

We have our strong team of employees and a large network of dealers and distributors to thank for maintaining our level of excellence and commitment. What all inspire us to innovate and ideate towards delivering the best is the esteemed list of clients.

As a Leading Laminate Supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, we believe each homeowner wants their house to exude their own attitude and characteristics, but to do so would require an understanding of the little design possibilities in every corner.

Knowing this, VIR Laminate decides to share its knowledge, knowledge we have amassed over the years, through creating a unique, one-of-a-kind laminates collection. Each design in the laminates collection is meticulously designed to showcase the ambience and character a particular laminate can bring to a home.

Homeowners will also have the opportunity to discuss their renovation ideas with us or our dealer network before approaching or finalizing on their interior design.

Equipped with knowledge about laminates and ideas about design, homeowners will then be able to effectively articulate the kind of mood and ambience they would like for their dream home to their interior designers.

Values That Drive Us

Here at VIR Laminate, we want our decorative Laminate Sheets not only to transform spaces but also to enrich the lives of all of those who come in contact with them. To ensure our relentless commitment and promise to delivery we have imbibed our core valuesin our work ethics which are:


We believe in product innovations that keep our customers happy and help rejuvenate the quality of their lives.


We encourage employees to communicate with their peers. An open environment with transparent culture is essential for our successful business.


We respect our customers, employees and their values and treat them in the best possible manner ensuring we create a healthy working and business environment.


We are upbeat about serving our customers with utmost dedication and vigour to achieve their satisfaction and endearing relationship with us.


We strive for world-class quality and continuous improvement.