Top Laminate Sheet Manufacturer in India

Premium Quality Laminate Sheets by VIRLaminate:

VIR Laminate is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality laminate sheets. With a yearly production capacity of 34.9 lakh sheets, we strive to provide exceptional quality products to our customers. Our advanced technology and innovative decor solutions set us apart and make us a trusted source for architects, interior designers and end-users.

Our dedicated team of employees and extensive network of dealers and distributors are the backbone of our commitment to excellence. Our esteemed client list inspires us to continuously innovate and improve.

As a leading laminate sheet manufacturer, we understand that every homeowner wants their house to reflect their unique personality. To help them achieve this, we share our knowledge and expertise by creating a unique collection of laminate sheets designs, each one carefully crafted to bring out the best in a home's atmosphere and character.

We also offer the opportunity for homeowners to discuss their renovation ideas with us or our dealer network, giving them the knowledge and confidence to effectively communicate their design vision to their interior designers.

What makes us the best laminate sheet manufacturer:

Here at VIR Laminate, we want our decorative Laminate Sheets not only to transform spaces but also to enrich the lives of all of those who come in contact with them. To ensure our relentless commitment and promise to delivery we have imbibed our core valuesin our work ethics which are:

  • INNOVATION: We believe in product innovations that keep our customers happy and help rejuvenate the quality of their lives.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We encourage employees to communicate with their peers. An open environment with transparent culture is essential for our successful business.
  • TRUST: We respect our customers, employees and their values and treat them in the best possible manner ensuring we create a healthy working and business environment.
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: We are upbeat about serving our customers with utmost dedication and vigour to achieve their satisfaction and endearing relationship with us.
  • QUALITY & SERVICE: We strive for world-class quality and continuous improvement.

Our Range of Laminate Sheets

AF-1189 AF-41361 AF-ANT-117 ANT-SF-111 ANT-SF-1171 AZ-10151 AZ-22181 AZ-30271 AZ-60011 AZ-7054 BF-1001 BF-1015 BF-7055 BF-7060 BU-86071 BU-86081 BZ-9133 BZ-9134 CB-9198 CB-9199 CH-1029 CH-3011 CH-6001 CH-7059 CH-7131 CH-7132 CH-7192 CH-7193 CK-1007 CK-9021 CM-8159 CM-8528 CM-8529 CM-8530 CM-8534 CM-8546 CM-8547 CM-8548 CM-8549 CM-8583 CM-8584 CP-8555 CP-8567 CP-8568 CP-8577 CP-8578 CR-7144 CR-8144 CS-1015 CS-1029 DO-8593 DO-8594 DU-1029 DU-3042 DU-6001 DU-6009 DU-7144 DU-8144 DU-8557 DU-8558 DU-8582 DU-8614 DZ-9114 DZ-9115 DZ-9116 FE-8637 FE-8638 FE-8639 FE-8640 FE-8641 FE-8645 FE-8645 FE-8651 FE-8652 FE-8667 FO-6001 FO-8162 FO-8163 FO-8516 FO-8587 FO-8588 FO-8604 FO-8605 FOIL-PM-01 FOIL-PM-02 FOIL-PM-05 FV-1015 FV-3042 FV-6001 FV-7028 FV-8147 FV-8149 FV-9191 FV-9193 GV-8627 GV-8643 GV-8644 GV-8646 GV-8649 GV-8650 GV-8665 GV-8666 IO-6122 JR-8611 JR-8612 JR-8613 LD-1015 LD-7191 LD-7192 LD-7193 LD-7194 LN-8609 LN-8610 LN-8621 LP-4550 LP-7751 LP-8512 LP-8569 LP-8582 LW-1500 LW-1600 LW-8113 MG-8150 MG-8151 MG-8152 MG-8160 MH-6001 MH-8162 MH-8163 NT-117 NT-2001 NT-3152 NT-8118 NT-8546 NT-8549 NW-8162 NW-8163 NW-8542 OT-8167 OT-8168 OT-8517 OT-8518 OT-8519 OT-8520 OT-8525 PC-1015 PC-6001 PC-7053 PC-7056 PG-SF-1200 PG-SF-1400 PG-SF-1500 PL-9112 PL-9113 PR-8601 PR-8602 PR-8603 PR-8604 PR-8605 PR-8606 RC-6001 RC-7131 RC-7132 RC-8135 RD-81671 RD-81681 RD-8515 RD-8516 RD-8526 RD-8527 RL-8536 RL-8537 RP-1015 RP-7108 RP-8521 RP-8523 RRF-3100 RRF-3200 RRF-7751 RRF-8569 RRF-8657 RRF-8663 RRF-8812 RRF-9198 RRF-9199 RS-9192 RS-9193 RSM-8582 RSM-8655 RSM-8657 RSM-8660 RSM-8661 RSM-8662 RSM-8663 RW-1400 RW-4152 RW-6104 RW-6106 RW-9137 SC-9144 SC-9145 SC-9146 SF-1121 SF-1129 SF-1130 SF-1164 SF-1171 SF-1175 SF-1176 SF-1600 SF-2110 SF-2129 SF-2164 SF-2174 SF-2210 SF-2211 SF-3162 SF-3210 SF-3311 SF-401 SF-4152 SF-4164 SF-501 SF-5136 SF-5137 SF-5140 SF-5171 SF-5180 SF-6101 SF-7129 SF-8111 SF-8197 SF-830 SF-8564 SF-8565 SF-8566 SF-8570 SF-8593 SF-8594 SF-8605 SF-8606 SF-9101 SF-9102 SF-9103 SF-9105 SF-9106 SF-9107 SF-9109 SF-9112 SF-9113 SF-9114 SF-9115 SF-9116 SF-9134 SF-9136 SF-9137 SF-9149 SF-9150 SF-9155 SF-9156 SF-930 SG-1100 SG-2500 SG-2700 SG-3100 SG-3200 SG-7755 SG-7756 SG-7822 SG-8145 SG-81461 SG-8147 SG-8148 SG-8149 SG-8185 SG-8186 SG-8521 SG-8522 SG-8523 SG-8528 SG-8529 SG-8530 SG-8570 SG-8582 SG-8583 SG-8584 SG-8589 SG-8590 SG-8591 SG-8592 SG-8601 SG-8603 SG-8604 SG-8645 SG-8651 SG-8652 SG-8655 SG-8658 SG-8659 SG-9155 SG-9156 SH-6001 SH-8574 SH-8575 SH-8576 SH-8590 SK-1015 SK-6001 SK-8195 SK-8196 SL-1015 SL-8571 SL-8572 SL-8573 SO-8585 SO-8586 SO-8587 SO-8588 SO-85891 SO-8591 SO-8592 SP-SF-2209 SP-SF-4136 SP-SF-6102 SP-SF-6104 SP-SF-6106 SP-SF-6122 SP-SF-6129 SP-SF-6146 SP-SF-6183 SP-SF-7131 SP-SF-7132 SP-SF-7132 SP-SF-7136 SP-SF-7171 SP-SF-7210 SP-SF-8104 SP-SF-8105 SP-SF-8113 SP-SF-8114 SP-SF-8115 SP-SF-8116 SP-SF-8117 SP-SF-8118 SP-SF-8129 SP-SF-8140 SP-SF-8146 SP-SF-8151 SP-SF-8152 SP-SF-8160 SP-SF-8179 SP-SF-8193 SP-SF-8199 SP-SF-8503 SP-SF-8504 SP-SF-8515 SP-SF-8516 SP-SF-8526 SP-SF-8527 SP-SF-8536 SP-SF-8537 SP-SF-8627 SP-SF-8643 SP-SF-8644 SP-SF-8646 SP-SF-8658 SP-SF-8659 SP-SF-8666 SP-WF-8189 SY-1015 SY-3011 SY-3027 SY-6001 SY-9131 SY-9132 TC-1015 TC-6001 TL-3040 TL-5040 TL-7651 TL-7652 TL-7653 TN-SF-0001 TN-SF-0002 TN-SF-0004 TN-SF-0005 TN-SF-0009 VF-4030 VF-5038 VF-6101 VF-6102 VF-7103 VF-9103 VF-9105 VF-9191 VF-9192 VF-9193 VG-9149 VG-9150 WF-1189 WF-2221 WF-3152 WF-5189 WF-8136