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At Rushil Décor, we believe every outdoor space can be aesthetically appealing and also be virtually transformed to suit our customers’ need for creating luxurious, vibrant and functional outdoor spaces.

VIR Exterior Grade Laminates are designed to stand against constant exposure to Ultraviolet rays and exterior atmospheric pressure, without losing their color. VIR Ex-Lam (Exterior Laminate) is created under great pressure and high temperature. This enables them to withstand erosion from natural elements. They come with high UV resistance which makes them ideal for exterior and cladding facades. It is manufactured by European Standards to suit various creative needs of the architects; applicable for both building cladding, interior walls & temporary houses or site-office systems.

VIR Ex-Lam panels are flexible and sturdy in order to give an edge and class to the building exterior. This range is made to endure the rigors of the harsh outdoors, giving you years of luxury, comfort and most importantly durability.

Availability of different sizes in this laminate helps reduce the waste on application.


Wall Cladding | Partition Walls | Railings | Front Gates and Doors | Balconies | Residential & Commercial Application | Ceilings/Roofing | Outdoor Furniture | Park Benches


8ft X 4ft (2440mm X 1220mm) | 9ft X 4.3ft (2800mm X 1300mm) | 10ft X 4.3ft (3050mm X 1300mm)


6mm to 15mm (Customized thickness upon demand only)

Vir Exterior Laminates