Decorative Kitchen Laminates

VIR Kitchen Laminate

Design your Kitchen with VIR Decorative Kitchen Laminate

As the kitchen is considered the core of every household and sees most wear and tear, they require a material that provides strength, protection and a long-lasting solution for daily use. VIR Kitchen Laminates are made up of the best material that create firmness and comes in a variety of styles to suit your aesthetic and economical needs. It enhances space, are easy to install and looks elegant in the kitchen.

VIR Laminate is a well-known brand for kitchen laminate, offering classy designs made of high-quality materials that blend into your kitchen. We offer complete surface solutions for your kitchen. These best of the class and easy-to-install kitchen laminates are a perfect blend of style, utility and durability, bringing your kitchen to life with a variety of textures and designs. Our Kitchen laminates also have easy-to-clean surfaces that camouflage scratches and provide antibacterial and antiviral protection.

Our kitchen laminates have evolved over the years and we think you will be pleasantly pleased by the beautiful designs, types and textures that are now available. Our large selection of kitchen cabinet types and colours allows you to create any custom combination and unique panaches. Because of our truthful market practices, cost-effective prices and customer-centric attitude, we have been able to cater to a large clientele and achieve their satisfaction level. Explore our range of modern and affordable laminate designs for kitchen countertops and cabinets to complement your taste and make your home a place you will enjoy for years to come.


  • Shelves
  • Drawers
  • Cabinets
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Cupboards
  • Worktops
  • Splashbacks
  • Upstands

Available Size:

  • 8ft x 4 ft
  • 9ft x 4.25 ft
  • 10 ft x 4.25 ft

Available Thickness:

  • 1 mm