Frequently Asked - FAQ's

Vir Laminate ranks high in the laminate market. Our products subsequently cover a wide range of applications, be it if we’re talking about educational institutions, offices, homes and basically every building that can be enhanced with laminates. Vir Laminate’s exceptional solutions encompass a variety of applications and can are specifically manufactured keeping in mind what the consumers want, as in you, as well as keeping mind what the end users require in the form of laminates.

The products that Vir Laminate offers are built to last, look extravagant and sleek, and cater to a wide variety of segments. That’s why we say that no two Vir Laminate products are the same. They’ve been crafted with utmost precision, brilliance and sheer dedication to quality. Our manufacturing facility includes top-notch, top-end manufacturing equipment that guarantees that the products that you obtain exceed all your expectations.

  • Anti-Bacterial Laminate
  • Matte-finish Laminate
  • Unicolor Laminate
  • Textured Laminate
  • High Gloss Laminate
  • Super Gloss Laminate

The thickness of laminate sheets varies from product to product. You can expect to get thickness that’s between 0.6 - 1.5mm when we’re talking about laminate sheets. The thickness of laminates matters, as it encompasses a variety of design principles and can greatly impact the overall look of the project that you’re aspiring to portray.

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