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A protective coating is essential for the longevity of a door, just like any other surface. VIR laminates present the top-notch and best quality door skin laminates recommended for vertical applications. From digital doors to plain doors and other numerous styles, we offer a wide range of attractive and relaxing designs, patterns, and colors to compliment your commercial or residential properties. A door skin laminate can be customized to meet your specific needs. Because of their cost-effectiveness, VIR Laminate is the most popular laminate brand among interior designers and buyers.

Door skin laminates reduce the hassle of painting and polishing traditional doors while being long-lasting. VIR laminates are scratch and mould resistant, making them last for a long time and giving them a stunning appearance. The door laminates are easy to install and can be applied with conventional adhesives. VIR door skin laminates require low upkeep and there is no need to involve any special cleaning solutions. Unless it is for stubborn stains, then you can use stain remover or an organic solvent.Explore our door laminate designs to beautify your home and work spaces.

Available Size:

  • 7ft X 3.25ft (2135mm X 991mm)

VIR Door laminate