Decorative laminate

Kitchen Laminates Catalogue Gujarat


VIR Laminates offer clients high-quality, adaptable decorative laminate sheets for their homes, offices and commercial applications. The decorative laminates can be used as wall panelling, for doors, furniture’s, wardrobes, cubicles or any other interior furniture. It is one of the general surface décor materials that are used for making the home living experience and commercial properties look charming and aesthetic. The decorative laminates are created in two ways: high or low-pressure binding of the boards. Resulting from the laminates into high-pressure laminate or low-pressure laminate. There are diverse options in colours, design and patterns of decorative laminates such as digital laminate, compact laminate, high gloss laminate, textured laminate, liner laminates and many more. Any space can look exuberant by using our magnificent laminate collection, which adds an attractive and contemporary touch. You can customize your own unique and creative style with the help of our wide range of designer laminates.

With an exquisite appeal, our decorative laminates are durable and easy to maintain for a longer time. The excellent durability of laminate sheets is a significant benefit. Water, stain and high scratch resistance are some of the additional features that can extend the lifespan of decorative laminates. Laminates are the best alternative to other surface décor options and are more hygienic. Explore our decorative laminate catalogues and technical specification to tailor design your interiors as per your requirements.


The decorative laminates are available in various sizes such as 0.8 mm, 1mm and others.