Decorative laminate

Decorative Laminates for Commercials


VIR Laminates offers a range of decorative laminate sheets for homes, offices, and commercial spaces. There's no end to the uses for decorative laminates, from wall paneling to doors to furniture, wardrobe decor, cubicles, and anything you can think of. As a surface décor material, it can be used to make homes and commercial properties look appealing and aesthetic.

Binding the boards under high or low pressure results in high-pressure laminates or low-pressure laminates. There are many options available in decorative laminates in terms of colour, design and pattern, such as digital, compact, high gloss, textured, liner laminates, etc. Utilizing our magnificent laminate collection will make any space look exuberant, while adding a contemporary and attractive touch. The selection of designer laminates we offer will allow you to create a look that is unique to you.

It has exquisite appeal and can be easily maintained for a longer period of time due to its durability and ease of maintenance. Among the many advantages of laminate sheets is their excellent durability. In addition to water resistance, stain resistance, and scratch resistance, decorative laminates are also designed with a number of additional features that can extend their lifespan. Laminates provide a superior alternative to other surface décor options and are more hygienic and durable. Check out our decorative laminate catalogs and technical specifications to custom design your interiors as per your specifications.


There are several types of decorative laminates available, including laminates with a thickness of 0.8mm, 1mm, and others.