High-Pressure Laminates: 5 Uses in the Hotel Industry

First impressions and lasting impressions are of utmost importance in the hotel industry. They are about creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that takes center stage. Hotels are always on a relentless journey of balancing functionality, sustainability, and visual appeal to provide a memorable and fulfilling stay for their guests. High-pressure laminates (HPL) have emerged as a solution that fulfills most of these requirements.

Let us embark on a journey that uncovers the variety of applications that HPL can have in the hospitality sector. High-pressure laminates are used by hotels in the reception area, in the culinary delights of the restaurants, in the hygienic washrooms, and in the exteriors that leave a lasting impression on the guests. HPL is an all-rounder when it comes to creating spaces that can withstand daily rigorous use while also maintaining their charm and elegance.

High-Pressure Laminates in Hotels

Top 5 ways in which high-pressure laminates can be used

Let’s see how HPL is contributing to the hospitality industry and is a perfect representation of how form should meet function.

Enhancing the appeal of the reception area

The hotel reception is the most important place in a hotel because it can either impress the guests or make them stay, or just repel them away with its negative ambience. High-pressure laminates are a complete game changer in the reception area, as they enhance the aesthetics and functionality of this place. Here’s why HPL is good for use in hotel receptions:

Enhance the overall aesthetics of the reception:

High-pressure laminates come in a wide range of colors, textures, and decorative options. This allows hotel designers to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for their guests. The visual appeal of laminates sets the tone for everyone visiting the hotel.

Durability helps high-traffic areas:

High-pressure laminates are extremely durable. They are stain and scratch-resistant, which makes them ideal for use in high-traffic areas like the reception, which is the first point of contact for guests at the hotel. They are also capable of withstanding daily wear and tear. Using HPL ensures that the reception always looks its best.

Easy to maintain and clean:

High-pressure laminates are extremely easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe with a cloth is all you need to get rid of most of the dust. This keeps the reception area available for use while also being elegant all the time.

Enhancing the ambiance of cafeterias and in-house restaurants

The guests staying in hotels also want to enjoy the ambiance while having delicious food. High-pressure laminates are extremely versatile and can be used in cafeterias and dining areas for the following reasons:

Create a pleasant ambiance:

High-pressure laminates are extremely stylish and can create an inviting ambiance. This encourages the guests to return and experience the same. With a wide range of colors, designs, and textures, HPL can fit into almost any theme and create the desired ambiance.

Increase hygiene and cleanliness:

High-pressure laminates have antimicrobial properties. This makes them ideal for use in cooking and dining spaces and enhances the hygiene of food service areas. It is good for the safety and well-being of the guests staying at the hotel.

Increased durability:

High-pressure laminates are resistant to water, heat, scratches and abrasion. This makes them good for use in restaurant furniture because they can handle the wear and tear that comes from daily use.

Maintain hygiene in washrooms

Washrooms are high-traffic areas, are prone to damage, and have a high risk of germ transfer. High-pressure laminates come in handy for use in washrooms for the following reasons:

Increase the hygiene:

HPL is used for partitions, cubicles, and urinals in hotels. This is because they have built-in antimicrobial properties. They are effective in reducing the growth and transmission of germs and disease-causing microbes and have become a preferred choice for use in washrooms.

Highly durable:

HPL is used in the washrooms of hotels because it is wear-and-tear resistant and can withstand the use of high-traffic areas.

Increase visual appeal:

Apart from being durable and having antimicrobial properties, high-pressure laminates also add visual appeal, which increases the guest's experience.

Increase the appeal of exterior wall facades

The appearance of the hotel attracts guests by creating a positive first impression. High-pressure laminates are used as cladding materials for exterior wall facades also called as Exterior laminates. This has many benefits when used on the exterior:

Enhance visual appeal:

High-pressure laminates or Exterior Laminates can transform the entire appeal of the building. The wide variety of options available can make hotels more attractive to guests and visitors.

Protection from harsh weather:

Exterior-grade high-pressure laminate protects against the harsh weather conditions that the exteriors of hotels have to face. This includes heat, cold, wind, rain, etc.

Impression that lasts:

The exterior of a hotel is important for various reasons. One prime reason is that guests know the hotel by its exterior. It is essentially the face of the hotel and can not be changed very often. HPL or Ex-Lam is highly durable and can maintain its aesthetic appeal for years. This ensures reduced maintenance costs and increased life.

Using in conference and meeting rooms

Big corporate houses and offices often utilize hotels to host corporate meetings, conferences, and events. They require big meeting rooms that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. High-pressure laminates can be utilized for a wide array of applications in conference halls and meeting rooms in hotels.

Manufacturing tables in conference rooms:

Conference and manufacturing tables are essential components for corporate use. HPL can be used to surface these tables. The durability of HPL sheets makes them ideal for corporate use and allows them to withstand various corporate events without any wear and tear.

Manufacturing panels:

High-pressure laminates can be utilized to manage the acoustics of conference rooms. They can also be used for decorative and functional purposes to create a professional atmosphere.

Making cabinetry and room dividers

Conference rooms and meeting halls also require cabinets and room dividers. These solutions can greatly benefit from HPL. HPL not only adds to the visual appeal but also remains functional for years. Room dividers can also be manufactured using HPL to add functionality or create partitions.

Why are high-pressure laminates becoming so popular in hotels?

High-pressure laminates have rightfully become a preferred choice in the hotel industry for a number of reasons. The highly durable nature of HPL makes them ideal for use in high-traffic areas of the hotel like reception, washrooms, etc. because they can withstand heavy use without any signs of damage. It can also seamlessly fit in a wide range of design elements, adorning both vertical surfaces like walls and partitions and horizontal surfaces like countertops and tabletops.

The wide array of patterns and designs of HPL allows hotel designers and owners to achieve their desired look and feel. Additionally, their antimicrobial, antifungal, antivirus properties facilitate a cleaner and more hygienic environment, especially in washrooms, restrooms, kitchens, and dining spaces. Moreover, HPL is extremely easy to maintain. This eliminates any unnecessary maintenance costs for the hotel.

This remarkable combination of durability, versatility, aesthetics, hygiene, and ease of maintenance is available at a relatively lower price than other materials. This makes HPL one of the best materials to craft inviting and functional spaces within the hotel.