Elevate your Bedroom Ambience with Laminate Wardrobes

Wardrobes occupy most of the space in your bedroom and they can also enhance the overall look of your bedroom. Playing around with the exterior finishes, colours, and designs of your wardrobes will allow you to completely change the look of your bedroom's decor.

Do you want a wardrobe that you can decorate with your favourite colour and pattern? Laminated Wardrobes could be an ideal option. Laminate sheets are now gaining popularity as the best material for wardrobe décor. Thanks to a wide range of modern wardrobe laminate designs, that now interior designers, architects, and homeowners can transform their wardrobes into stunning work of art that dominates bedroom décor.

Laminate Wardrobe Design Ideas

Some countless designs and styles can be inclined with laminate wardrobes to reflect your style and make you feel luxurious.

Designing ideas for your laminate wardrobes:

Here are some laminate wardrobe decoration ideas:

1. Layered panels:

Decorative laminates are a wonderful choice for creating the designs of your choice. One idea is to layer different tones of colours on your wardrobe using decorative laminates.

By adding a burst of colour, laminate wardrobes help counterbalance subdued walls and bedroom furnishings. Choose lighter colours if you want to create a tranquil atmosphere in your room and if you want to make your space luxurious, go for dark colours.

2. Make your wardrobes shine with glossy laminates:

For bedrooms that call for an opulent and glamorous ambience, a glossy modern wardrobe design works well. High gloss laminate sheets are a popular choice for contemporary wardrobe designs.

A high gloss laminate wardrobe and a focused ceiling spotlight can create a style statement in your bedroom as the lights will give extra shine to your wardrobes. You can also opt to place motion sensor lights inside the cupboards to add an extra look.

3. Highlight the borders:

One effective approach to draw attention to your laminate wardrobe and make it the centrepiece of the room is to outline the edges with contrasting colours, whether light or dark. It will offer an elegant look and enhance the bedroom's overall atmosphere. Any two colours, either complimentary or in contrast to one another, can be used for the borders. Grey-white, blue-white, red-black, lemon-green, pink-white, and wood-white are a few conceivable colour combinations for this design.

4. Highlight glass-door wardrobes with solid coloured laminates:

To give a pop of colour to your wardrobe with semi-transparent fibreglass front doors, you can use solid-coloured laminates. Based on your bedroom’s aesthetics, choose the colour of your preference to border your wardrobe with solid-coloured laminate. It is also ideal for a kid’s bedroom and can perfectly match with laminate wooden flooring and light-coloured walls.

5. Design your wardrobe using modern digital laminates:

You can use your creativity to design customized and unique wardrobe laminates in your bedroom using digital laminates. Digital laminates let you print any picture on the laminate sheet to use them in your desired place.

For example, you can use digital laminates on the wardrobes of children’s rooms with designs like landscapes, nature, cartoon characters, etc. If you are having laminate wooden flooring in the room, then the wardrobe with white and aqua-coloured digital laminate will provide a refreshing feeling.

6. Use creative door handles:

The uniformity of minimalist wardrobes can be broken up with door knobs in appealing geometric shapes or with a rustic metallic finish. Unique door handles can give a designer look to your laminate wardrobes.

You can use door handles like long T-bars, round metallic handles, metallic bar handles, etc. with your laminated wardrobes.

7. Make your room more spacious with Unicolor laminates:

Single colours in soft tones can help you to make your room seem bigger than it really is. You can use unicolor laminates for your wardrobes which matches the colour of your bedroom walls.

For example, if your room has a neutral tone, you can select a unicolor laminate of sky blue colour as it will blend well with the room’s aesthetics. Sky blue-coloured wardrobe with neutral walls will create a bold, stunning and relaxing feel in your bedroom.

Finishing Up:

When it comes to wardrobe design, laminates have become very popular. Laminates are available in a wide range of patterns, textures, and finishes to suit various interior design styles. They are long-lasting, attractive, affordable, and easy to keep up with. They possess distinct properties like anti-bacterial properties, heat resistance properties, long-lasting shine, and easy installation.

Start using these above mentioned laminate wardrobe ideas and get creative to take your bedroom décor to the next level.

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