Amazing Wall Decoration Ideas by Using Digital Laminates

Digital laminates are a highly durable surface material that not only looks beautiful but is affordable, simple to install and can significantly transform your house. They are suitable for both residential and commercial use, providing their unending potential with creativity and innovation.

Available in various unique and customized designs, they are made by binding Kraft papers, decorative layer and melamine resin together. Thus you can choose any customized designs as per your desire and use them to enhance the appearance of your spaces.

Where can you use them?

Digital laminates have the power to fully modify the appearance, feel, and usability of space with virtually infinite possibilities. Some of the various areas where you can commendably use them are:


Transform your office from boring single coloured walls to an eye-catching modern designer wall with the help of digital laminates. Create a pleasant and fun-filled environment for your employees to make them work with more productivity.


Give your kitchen a “Cafeteria like vibe” by incorporating unique food designs in the form of decorative laminates. Moreover, you can also use these laminates as wall panelling to effortlessly imitate natural materials. Besides, their easy-to-clean surfaces are an added benefit for the kitchen.

Children’s Room

Digital laminates are a great way to decorate a nursery or personalise a child's room. They can be used to cover cabinets, create a statement wall, and improve the appearance of bookshelves, furniture, and other artefacts. Furthermore, certain digital laminates have antibacterial qualities, which help your kids stay safe from surface bacteria.

Old Furniture

Rather than the typical method of changing your old or worn furniture, why don’t you use the modern idea of covering them with digital laminates? It will elongate the life of your furniture and can refurbish any surface.

Ideas to use Digital Laminates

Some stunning ideas to create wonderful walls using digital laminates:

Use these cool ideas to make your space creative with the help of digital laminates:

  • Stone finish: Consider digital laminates with stone texture if you want a rustic and classic aesthetic wall for your house. Along with providing natural design and rich ambience, they are also durable and possess scratch resistant properties. You can customize the designs, colours and thickness as per your preferences.
  • Abstract designs: Abstract designs are for individuals who wish to go for something different from the norm for their house decoration. Abstract digital laminates often offer a range of unusual patterns that may add a breath of new air to any living environment. Geometric forms that challenge the eye are embraced by the abstract design style.
  • Photo collages: Replace your old wooden photo frames with digital laminates by using printed photos on the wall in the form of a laminate. Get the cherishing moments of your life like birthdays, achievements, anniversaries, etc. printed on digital laminates to reminisce them often. This also provides you with the opportunity to be creative by merging images from different times in a family collage.
  • Wall art: Digital laminates can be useful for creating unique wall art pieces and unleashing your creativity. The printed laminate sheets are cut into geometric shapes and mixed and matched to create a lovely colour scheme. Use laminate sheet boards to create various lines, shapes, and patterns on wall surfaces, tabletops, and even cabinets. For a more gratifying experience, experiment with opposing and complimenting colours based on your liking, or match the colour scheme to your furnishings.
  • Landscapes: If you are a fan of nature sceneries then integrate them into your walls in the form of digital laminates. Digital laminates printed with landscape images are a great substitute for regular laminate designs for your bedroom, living room or even workplace. They provide a calm and serene atmosphere further enhancing the vibes of your place.

And that’s a Wrap!

With the passage of time, digital laminate sheets have gained widespread acceptance and have become a fashion statement. Digital Laminates are a new type of laminate sheet surface decoration material, which gives architects and interior designers a simple and effective way to express themselves. They are prefinished, so they do not need any finishing touches once they are installed.

VIR Laminate understands your customized requirements and thus is leading the market with high-end digital laminates. With us, you can create and get what is truly yours, your choice and completely personalized. We offer our customers a varied range of digital laminates which are a mixture of strength and appealing looks, creating your space an exceptional piece of art.