VIR Laminate: Environmentally Conscious Laminate Suppliers

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly essential factor when it comes to building materials, particularly laminates. Laminates are made of layers of kraft paper and decorative paper that are impregnated with resin and bonded together under heat and high pressure. Today, laminates are being used for a variety of uses like furniture, worktops, flooring, walls and much more in residential and commercial spaces.

Many laminate suppliers offer a variety of products at competitive prices—however, only a few talk about the environmental impact of their product and their manufacturing process. Vir Laminate is a leading laminate supplier in India and is dedicated to bringing best-quality products to its customers without affecting the environment. Vir Laminate firmly believes in the philosophy of protecting the environment and has ensured to take all measures to keep things sustainable by incorporating ‘eco-friendly’ in its vision statement.

At Vir Laminate, we understand that consumers are becoming more aware and responsible than ever. Consumers opt for sustainable and eco-friendly options over beautiful but harmful ones.

Environmentally Conscious Laminate Suppliers

Corporate Social Responsibility - Self Regulation

Our concern for the environment is one of the strong pillars of our vision. We incorporate various measures in our values, manufacturing processes and work culture that ensure that we have no detrimental impact on our planet. Sustainability is not just about protecting the environment; it is also about having an approach that is respectful in both production processes and everyday choices. We have become one of the premier sustainable laminate suppliers by providing the highest quality standards without violating our ecological norms.

Here is a list of things that we incorporate regularly:

Material Sourcing

Illegal chopping is a contravention of both national and international laws and one of the biggest reasons for the deterioration of the environment. To prevent this, we source our materials only from vendors who share our vision for the environment. We are associated with companies that care about our planet and strive to save it.


All laminates that come out of our manufacturing facility undergo a series of inspections that ensure their top-notch quality and durability. Enhanced durability guarantees that these laminates do not have to be replaced for longer periods and prevent overproduction.

Safe and non-hazardous products

We produce safe and non-hazardous luxury laminates. We take care that none of our source materials falls under ‘Deleterious Materials’. Our laminates have antimicrobial properties that facilitate safety and hygiene.

Reducing emissions

We take multiple measures to reduce natural resource consumption in our manufacturing processes and also take steps to offset all negative effects by replenishing natural resources by planting trees, environment clean-ups, funding research, donations etc.

Recycle/ Disposal

With real-time monitoring of all our incoming and outgoing resources, we have managed to substantially reduce our waste production. There are proper waste management systems in place that ensure that they are disposed by standards.

Compliance with International Standards

As one of the most environmentally conscious laminate suppliers worldwide, we have proven our worth. Among the international environmental standards we comply with are: ISO 14001:2015 and Green Label Singapore.

Certifications - True indication of our commitment

Vir Laminate firmly believes that professional environment management is an important step towards preventing harm to the environment and securing the future. Certifications demonstrate that an organization is functioning under national/global best practices. Certifications also differentiate organizations that work towards sustainability from those that only talk. We have the following Environment Management System certifications:

ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System (EMS)

Vir Laminate is ISO 14001:2015 certified by Alcumus ISOQAR, which is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard that lays out the guidelines to reduce environmental impact by enabling more efficient use of resources and significant waste reduction. This certification signifies that all related measures to safeguard the environment have been implemented properly.

Green Label Singapore

The market for environmentally sustainable products has grown exponentially in recent years, but the need for sustainable solutions has always existed. Green Label recognized this early on and created a green certification process that adheres to the highest International standards - ISO14024. Vir Laminate’s Green Label Singapore certification is a testament to its commitment to a better future.


Vir Laminate has been a pioneer in India and the global laminate market for over two decades and has an exquisite range of exceptionally beautiful High-Pressure Decorative Laminates. Our unwavering dedication to quality has made us a well-trusted brand. Discuss your requirements with one of our experts at +91 79 6140 0400 or visit