Use These 7 Affordable Ideas with Laminates to Re-Decor Your House

Who doesn’t want to decorate their house and make it a dream place to live? The expensive interior design concepts are not the only solution. People in today’s society desire products that are comparatively cheaper, affordable and good looking at the same time. Through modern interior design solutions, people want to offer their houses an elegant and stylish look.

A modern substitute of other surface décor’s, which is called Laminate, perfectly fits in the above criteria and is a cost-effective décor solution used for various residential and commercial applications. Modern design materials, such as laminates, can help you decorate your home or business distinctively and sustainably when combined with a little imagination. Laminate patterns are so diverse that they can be utilised in the whole house and for a variety of utilities.

Home Decor Using Laminate

Creative Décor Ideas Using Laminates:

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or seeking renovation ideas, here is a list of inventive and budget-friendly ways to design your house using laminate!

1. Get rid of boring storerooms:

A storage room saves your house from becoming a mess and stores all the extra things of the house. You can be a little creative and decorate your storage rooms with the help of laminates. You can create various storage bars or thing holders using compact laminates or you can simply use decorative laminates for resurfacing storage furniture.

2. Wall and table decoration:

Making use of various types of laminate sheets in different shapes and colours is a nice way of giving a designer look to your walls and tables. Unleash your creativity and create your unique wall art with some geometrical patterns, shapes, lines, or even different colours. You can hang them on walls, tables, corners or countertops.

3. Get creative with leftover laminate pieces:

If you have recently done the furniture of your place, then your carpenter must have small, cut or trimmed pieces of laminates. Do not waste them and grab them up to indulge in some art and craft activity. You can take some ideas from the internet and make innovative uses of these laminate pieces. Make whatever comes to your mind, like coasters, photo frames, trays, gift tags, etc.

4. Feature walls:

Wall décor substrates or any other wall panel materials can be a bit costly; on the other hand, laminates can provide a perfect surface solution at low cost. Instead of wallpapers which can easily get damaged, you can make use of decorative laminates for creating wall features. E.g., to create a rustic wall feature, choose medium-toned decorative laminate or bleached wood laminate for a cottage-style interior concept. Make a style statement in your house by incorporating new ideas into creating feature walls using laminates.

5. Renovate old furniture:

If you are still living with that old wooden furniture, then it’s time to modify or refresh it. The kitchen is the area in the house that suffers from more wear and tear compared to other parts because of daily use. Remodelling your kitchen cabinets, countertops and island tables is a cost-effective method to update your home's interior without spending a fortune. Want to add extra shine to the kitchen? Use high-gloss laminates. Or opposite to that, do you want a solid and nonglossy finish? Go for Matt laminates. Other than these, you can use any type of laminate of your choice.

6. Classy entryways:

Want to impress your guests’ right from the entrance of your house? Make use of decorative laminates to add a glam look to your doors. Beautiful laminate decorations at the front door may set the tone and create the mood for your whole house. You can also use an appealing compact laminate or designer laminate sheet to resurface the walls at the entrance.

7. Artistic bookshelves:

A bookshelf in your house can illustrate your artistic side. You can give your bookshelves a new look by using a variety of designer laminates. Create a subtle and unique look on your bookshelf with the help of laminates. These adaptable laminates can be used to line the interior of your bookcases, acting as a backside lining. Create an eye-catching background for keeping your books by indulging in the rustic and trendy textures of laminates with solid colours.

Other Places Where You Can Use Innovative Laminate Ideas:

  • Home bars
  • Kitchen countertops
  • 2 in 1 or mixed wall décor
  • The inner side of the shelves or wall enclaves

Finnishing Up:

In this blog, we have seen many creative ways and ideas to make use of laminates for our interior house decoration. Thinking about how you want to create a dream house is not a dream anymore. Use these ideas and apply beautiful laminate sheets in your living rooms, bedroom, mudrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, entryways, children play areas etc.

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