Make your House Appealing with Solid Colour Laminates

Interior design is a better way to optimize the available spaces in the house. Not only does it improves the functionality of homes, but also introduces elegance and charm. You can add sophistication to the spaces by incorporating solid colour laminates into households.

The solid-colour laminate sheet comes in a single colour without textures and patterns. These sheets come in simple designs and give natural finishing to the furniture. The solid colour laminates are apposite for numerous applications like tabletops, wall linings, shelves, countertops etc.

Solid colour laminates or unicolor or color core laminates have special demand in the market for their cost-effectiveness, durability, resilience to temperatures, and ability to keep their appearance for a long time. Integrating solid colour laminates in homes can make them look pleasing and naturalistic. Here are a few ways to make your home look attractive with solid colour laminates.

Unicolour Laminate for Home

How Solid-Colour Laminates are Utilized at Homes

1. To make the Wardrobe look more Stylish

Wardrobes are used for more than just holding your clothes; they can also transform into stunning works of art that take centre stage in the room. Colours such as yellow, dark blue and orange are the perfect way to bring a classy aspect to your bedroom unless your interior design has a white and neutral theme. For more wardrobe design ideas click here.

2. Beautify your Kitchen with Solid-Colour Laminates

Solid-colour laminates are popular for incorporating in kitchen cabinets and counter-tops. Colours like red, green, bright yellow or blue can enhance the overall look of the kitchen cabinets. If you like this look, use colours that go well together and bring liveliness to your space. There is a wide range of colours to pick from, so experiment with unusual hues that suit your décor.

Laminate countertops are a reasonable and amazing alternative to expensive stone countertops. You can opt for solid-colour laminates for countertops ranging from grey, white or brown that can complement well with your kitchen interior design.

3. Level up the Living Room

The living room is a vital part of the home which reflects the style and persona of the homeowners. Laminates are the go-to material to use in living spaces. You can use solid-colour laminates to transform the dull walls of the room into spectacular ones. Remember to choose a panel that goes well with the entire décor.

If you have insipid looking furniture, convert them by adding solid-colour laminates. The sheets not only give an eye-catching look but also protects from stains and moisture. You can get a variety of solid-colour laminate sheets from VIR laminate which provides an extensive collection of various designs, patterns and colours.

4. Contemporary and Lively Bathroom Vanity Ideas

It is pointless to buy a vanity that looks wonderful in the store but looks completely out of place in your bathroom. By incorporating the solid-colour laminates, it can give a touch of aesthetic and simplicity that surely fits with your existing or renovated place. Suppose you have a modern or traditional or something different theme, you can express your bathroom vanity in several styles such as cabinet designs and finishes, faucet designs or colours, handles and other hardware etc.

5. Revamp your Kid's room

To redecorate your children's room use solid-colour laminate, if you are not installing a digital laminate. You can use soft colours such as light brown, off-white, baby pink, light ivory, light blue and so forth.

6. Create an Alluring and Attractive Bedroom

When it comes to bedrooms, grey is the go-to colour. There is a different shade of grey colour to match it with any interior design style like rustic, modern or classic. White seems to be a basic colour to use in the bedrooms, but it comes in numerous shades of “white”. Depending on the natural light and existing colours in your home, each white theme will appear differently on your walls.

Selecting a shade between yellow and green can help to experiment with a colour combination that can create a stunning space.

Bottom Line

Solid colour laminates are popular among architects, interior designers, and homeowners because they not only give a room a modern feel but also create a sense of serenity and leisure. The laminate sheets protect the furniture from dirt, bacteria, virus and pollutants. It also has advanced properties such as scratch, water, heat and mould resistance.

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