Six Trendy and Chic Decorative Laminates for Your Interiors

The world is heading towards modernization, everything seems to change into modern or fad even when it comes to interior designing. A well and aesthetically decorated house can uplift your mood and make your life more pleasant and calmer. Planning an interior decoration for your residential and commercial property can be a tedious task as it takes a lot of time to decide which décor matches your taste and style. Interior designing can be confusing for people if they are doing it for the first time, they either go for online searching or go through interior design magazines. Mostly their search will end on trendy interior designs for homes or offices.

Making your house interiors modern and sophisticated is now today’s trend and using decorative laminates, you can make your home look more elegant and clean. One of the most popular items in interior decoration among clienteles is decorative laminates. It come with various patterns and colours to brighten your homes they are mostly employed for ornamental purposes. Laminates are used as finishing layer made from resin and paper which gives economical solutions in the home décor.

Trendy Decorative Laminates

Decorative laminates come in a wide variety, are easy to customise, accommodating changes in taste, durability and are cost-effective that’s why people prefer it for their interiors rather than relying on paints. Hence, in this modern era, every homeowner wants to invest in decorative laminate to make their homes look lavish and stylish so even they feel confident among peers. Here are few trendy decorative laminates with the latest designs for your homes:-

1. More Colours

People don’t know this but colours can affect a lot of the person’s mood such as warm colours evokes happiness and cool colours evoke calmness. Using correct coloured laminates can effects a lot on a person’s mood as you don’t want to feel gloomy if you use unattractive colours for your interior, so it is said that colours do have a mood-altering effect on humans.

Using coloured laminates for interior decoration is in trend nowadays. Select the colour of laminate that is based on the home décor style as it can synchronize with the style and looks appealing and exquisite. You can use decorative laminates that match your doors, cabinets, partitions, wall panels, top tables, wall panels etc.

Light colours like honey and whitewashed colour laminates will be popular in homes. Not only it makes homes look brighter but make them look chic, trendy and airy

2. Texture Laminates

Everyone wants to connect with nature, with texture laminates you can get the feel of nature at your home. Natural texture laminates are the latest trend in the industry. Due to the pandemic, people were confined in their homes and texture laminates gives a natural surrounding look to your homes which made them feel peaceful in their homes.

Natural texture design such as Monarchlam available in various designs and patterns such as grains, metals etc is gaining a lot of popularity. The texture laminates give an elegant yet classy look to homes as well as for offices.

Realistic laminates such as wood or stone look are durable and easy to maintain, it looks well for the contemporary and even suitable for farmhouse style houses.

3. Different Features in Laminates

Apart from adding beauty to the rooms, laminates are durable and resistant to different types of hazards. It adds security features in auditoriums theatres, offices, homes and business institutes. The laminates can offer high resistance to flames and minimize smoke emissions. The fire retardant feature in laminates is mixed with a chemical that delays the changes with temperature which makes surfaces less wear and tear.

Different types of laminates are available in the market. For example, there is a laminate called chalkboard laminate which gives a rustic ambience to schools, offices and even homes. The digital artists and designers use their ideas in laminates so that they can use them for different spaces, their authentic art and different patterns have made their way into laminate industries.

4. Scandi Nest

Also known as a Scandinavian theme which has white and pastel colours with a minimalistic approach to creating a calming effect. It creates an aesthetic appeal to the rooms with white walls, wooden floors, modern furniture and a lack of cluster. The Scandinavian design balances the needs of functionality and space. The versatile colour tones give an earthly look that creates a lovely look for Scandi nest design.

5. Urbania Laminates

The concept of minimalism is trending everywhere, the same concept is now applied in laminates. Urbania laminate consists of different shades of grey which gives minimalistic look yet classy patterns which coordinate with décor, furniture and other accessories. Urban laminates bring confidence and urbane into the homes. Urbania laminates can be used in residential and apartment designs, hotel, hospitality and retail projects.

6. Patterned Laminates

Patterned laminates come with a lot of creativity and conventional shapes such as hexagon, checkered, stripes, retro and many more which are quite popular among homeowners. The patterns give your homes a unique, bold and WOW factor look which regular pattern doesn’t give.

Wrapping Up

Whether it’s your living room, kitchen or bedroom, it is important to make sure that every aspect of your home looks attractive and the best way to do this is by installing laminates. With the wide variety of shades and textures, it is also easily maintained, appealing and at an affordable cost. Decorative laminates are a small part of house owners’ personality that is instilled in their homes. So it is better to research or take an idea from someone’s interior design home to make your decision process easier.

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