Scratch-Resistant Laminate – Ideal for Families with Kids or Pets

Remodelling any space or creating a new space is not an easy task. You need to think and plan a lot about what materials you will use, and sometimes that process becomes a tedious one. Particularly if you’re a pet owner or a parent of a toddler.

Having kids and pets in the home is no less than a blessing. But having them can also needs a little bit attention for a less sturdy interior.

If you’re living with a cute little furry member then there might be good chances to get scratches on your walls, furniture and floor over time.

Kids love to play running and jumping around, they drag toy cars inside the house, they play with toys on the furniture and sometimes they also enjoy writing or drawing on the walls too which eventually hampers the finishes over furniture, table, walls and floor in some or the other way. In such cases having scratch-resistant interior décor option has become a necessity.

Scratch Resistant Laminate for Kids

What is scratch-resistant laminate?

A scratch-resistant laminate is a type of décor surface material that is durable enough to resist scratches including other form of wear and tear. It is designed to be suitable for surfaces that are often exposed to scratches.

This laminate is manufactured with different techniques using special coatings and finishes to protect the surface from scratches or any other form of damage. Some scratch-resistant laminates also include a layer of abrasive particles that help to strengthen the surface of the laminate and make it more resistant to scratches.

Why Do You Need Scratch-Resistant Laminates?

Nowadays, laminate is becoming the popular choice for many homeowner because of its durability, cost-effectiveness and versatility. These features and properties of laminates make them an excellent alternative to natural material like veneer.

While talking about the specific scratch-resistant laminate, it is the most preferable option for a wide range of applications including furniture, countertops and other surfaces that are likely to be exposed to kids or pets.

Moreover, it is easy to clean or remove any stains and dirt from the surface. You can just clean it by wiping the stain or dirt with a damp cloth. Also, unlike hardwood or other material, it does not require any extra maintenance or regular polishing for its seamless appearance.

When you have a pet or kid, then there is always a risk of getting scratches on your beautiful furniture or on the floor as well. The long and sharp nails of your pet can easily damage the surface. Kids also play so many in-house games that can damage your wall or furniture surface hence a strong and durable scratch-resistant laminate becomes a necessity.

It is the best option available for a home with pet and kids. Unlike other types of laminate, which may be prone to chipping or cracking over time, scratch-resistant laminate is designed to withstand routine wear and tear.


In conclusion, scratch-resistant laminate is a versatile and durable surface decor material ideal for families with kids or pets. Its durability, easy maintenance and affordability make it a popular choice for homeowners and designers.

VIR Laminate provides a wide range of scratch-resistant laminates with different colours and textures. Contact us with your requirements, we will provide you the best suitable laminate options according to your needs.