Reasons to Choose VIR Laminate for Your Interior

Are you considering buying modern, alluring and aesthetic laminates for your home or office interiors? Then VIR Laminates is the best option. To transform your home or office with lavish and classy look, VIR laminates can be used in different spaces. Not only for residential properties but VIR laminates also offers choices in high-pressure decorative laminates for commercial properties. It has a wide range of products like compact laminate, High Gloss laminate, AntiMar laminate, digital laminate, Primelam, Door Skin laminate, FR Grade laminate and many more. But let us first go through how VIR laminate sheets are made up of:

How VIR laminates are created?

Creation of VIR Laminate

The HPL laminates from VIR laminates are made by using multiple layers of kraft papers such as kraft papers coated with phenolic resin, a layer of decorative paper and overlay paper coated with the melamine resin then bonded together with pressure and heat.

The best thing about VIR laminates is that they can be used in many applications such as wall panelling, furnishings of homes and offices, partitions, wardrobe decor, doors, cabinets and others. Apart from its exquisite and amazing designs, VIR Laminates have several advantages such as low maintenance, scratch and water resistance, durable, soft texture and other features. Getting back on the topic, here are a few reasons to choose VIR Laminate for your interiors:

Reasons to Select VIR Laminate for your Interiors

1. Variety of Products

When it comes to features and finishes, VIR Laminate offers different types of laminate which have a specific use in a particular space such as textured laminate, unicolour laminate, high gloss laminate, matte-finish laminate, digital laminate, solid color laminate, stone finish laminate and many more to choose from. There are over 500+ designs, 50+ textures and finishes to change the dull living and working spaces into an appealing and attractive one.

2. Quality Assurance

VIR Laminate offers high-quality laminates to the customers which are tough and low maintenance. Due to its ease of cleaning because of its soft texture and scratch-resistant feature, the laminates can stay durable for a longer period. For cleaning the laminates, you just need to use a wet cloth and wipe them dry for a spotless surface. The products from VIR laminate are a great investment for your home and office due to their cost-efficiency and longer life.

VIR Laminate is one the best and finest laminate sheet manufacturer in India, with the production of 3.9 million sheets annually. VIR Laminate (from the house of Rushil Décor) has 2-star export house accreditation: they sell their products across India as well as export them in global markets (in more than 42 countries).

3. Certifications

VIR laminate holds five most significant certifications for the laminates such as ISO 9001- Quality Management System (QMS), ISO 14001- Environmental Management System (EMS), CE-16048 (Certificate of Compliance), ISO 45001- Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) and Green Label Singapore.

VIR Laminate Certification

4. Resilient to Different Factors

VIR laminates are resistant to different factors such as scratch, water, moisture, chemicals and heat with low maintenance and a strong and beautiful look. Their AntiMAR laminates are resilient to fingerprints so it becomes an ideal choice for your spaces like kitchen, living rooms, etc.

5. Anti-Bacterial Laminates

The anti-bacterial laminates from VIR laminate can be used in the areas which require maintaining the hygiene standards such as restaurants, hospitals etc. An additive is used in the laminates which can stop the spread and kills bacteria. These kinds of laminates are also used in households and workplaces to protect the bacteria or virus which remains on the surface of your furniture.

Wrapping Up

Using laminates as a part of the interior for both commercial and residential properties seems to be in trend now. Due to its durability, cost-efficient and low maintenance feature it is becoming every client’s favourite. VIR laminate provides the best laminate in India, not only that they have wide range of textures, shades, colours, tones and patterns to select from which helps to create your desired property look that you always dreamed of. Contact us right now to get your desired laminate.