Modernize your space with VIR Laminate's Inspirations Series

VIR Laminate is one of the most prominent brands in the laminate category. It is at the forefront of innovation and is redefining the face of interiors for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. The Inspirations Series, published as the “1 MM LAMINATE MASTER SERIES,” serves as evidence of VIR Laminate's excellence.

Modernize your space with VIR Laminate

What you can expect from our Inspiration Series?

Superior Quality and Durability

Each sheet from VIR Laminate is made with precision. Each laminate sheet offers remarkable durability and is resistant to stains, scratches and water. They are a perfect fit for decor that demand longevity.

A Plethora of Design Possibilities

VIR Laminate offers laminates in more than 500 designs, textures, colours and finishes. This gives you endless creative freedom. If you can imagine it, VIR has a laminate to meet that. From classic elegant looks to contemporary stylish designs and everything in between: VIR has you covered.

A Blend of Classic and Contemporary

VIR Laminate’s approach is all about making designs ranging from classic to contemporary. This facilitates the creation of spaces that can seamlessly merge the familiar with the charming.

The Inspirations Series

The Inspirations Series from VIR Laminate is truly a remarkable achievement in the laminate industry in terms of innovation, aesthetic appeal and ease of application. The Inspirations Series or the 1 MM Laminate Master Series is a perfect example of how artistry is blended with functionality. The entire collection is designed with such perfection that a touch of extraordinary is added to your living space as soon as it is installed.

1. Embrace Nature with Wood Grains Textured Laminates:

The woodgrain textured laminates from VIR Laminate’s Inspiration Series are proof of the timeless allure of natural wood. The intricate patterns and the grain details over each laminate provide a warm and inviting ambience. These textures are so authentic that they breathe new life into the indoors and create interior spaces that evoke elegance.

Woodgrain textures are a perfect fit for interior spaces that require a touch of tradition and sophistication. You can use these laminates to craft a rustic-inspired kitchen, panelling a study room, or infuse warmth into a cozy living room. They can be used to make furniture, cabinetry and wall panelling options.

2. Everlasting Beauty with Coloured Laminates:

We offer a wide variety of solid colors and finishes, such as pastels, super glossy versions and unicolors. These varieties offer a broad spectrum of options for those who seek minimalist and clean designs. You can use pastel colours if you want a touch of softness and Super Gloss laminates if you like lots of natural reflections. Unicolour and Solid-colour laminates will provide an elegant touch of simplicity. All these laminate varieties will make your space look fresh, elegant and clutter-free.

You can use these laminates in bedrooms and bathrooms to create a tranquil and airy atmosphere. Super Gloss laminates can be used to create a modern and upscale look in the kitchen and for accent walls. These laminates can become a canvas for almost any room, including offices, retail stores and entertainment areas.

3. The Art of Stone Laminates:

The stone textures of the Inspirations Series capture the true essence of natural stone. These laminates are a true replica of natural stone surfaces. From the rugged textures of granite to the graceful appearance of marble, these laminates make any space, graceful and timeless.

These stone-textured laminates can be used in spaces that are in need of a dash of opulence. You can use them to create a serene spa or a rustic fireplace surround. These textures will create a sense of luxury and permanence when used on walls, countertops and table tops.

4. Glitter up Your Space - Glitter Laminates:

Glitter laminates from VIR Laminate’s Inspirations Series are designed to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to any space. Tiny glitter particles on the laminate reflect light to create a shimmering effect that adds an element of luxury to any space.

Glitter textures create an atmosphere of celebration and opulence. You can use these laminates to create accent walls in entertainment areas, nightclubs, bars, boutiques, etc. These glitter walls will easily become a focal point of any space.

5. Style with Leather Finish Laminates:

Elegant leather textures provide the look of leather without the need for real leather products. These laminates convey a sense of high-end sophistication.

Elegant leather laminates from the Inspirations Series are a perfect fit for creating high-end interiors. You can use these laminates to create furniture and wall panels for executive offices, hotel lobbies and high-end boutiques.

6. Crafted for Comfort - Fabrica Finish Laminates

The texture of fabrics adds comfort and style to laminates. These laminates can easily replicate the intricate patterns of fabrics to offer a cozy and inviting aesthetic. Fabrica laminates provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere and can be used to craft furniture, headboards, wall panels, bedrooms, guest rooms and small reading corners. These Fabrica laminates add a homely touch to your space.

7. Digital Delight- Highlighter Laminates

Highlighter laminates, as the name suggests, bring a vibrant burst of colour and light to an interior space. These laminates create a lively and energetic atmosphere with a dynamic play of various shades and reflections.

Highlighter texture laminates can be used in spaces that require a spark of energy. They can be used in children’s playrooms, gaming studios, music studios and recreational areas. These laminates can be used to create a room with vibrancy with highlighter accent pieces.

8. Spice Up with Metallic Magic

Metallica laminates mimic the charm of metals. These laminates can easily replicate the finish of a brushed metal and provide a cool and contemporary sheen. They can be used to create a touch of modernity and sophistication in any interior space.

The different textured laminates of the Inspirations Series from VIR Laminate are the building blocks of any interior design vision. If you can imagine it, VIR Laminate can provide you with a laminate design that can create everything from elegance, simplicity, luxury, vibrant energy and rusty looks.

Features of the Inspirations Series

Now that you know that the Inspirations Series has the most beautiful laminates out there, let us explore how it is a testament to Innovation and Practicality and not just style and aesthetics. Let us explore some of the standout features that make these laminates a top choice for upgrading your space.

Anti-Virus, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Properties

Today, there is an increase in concerns related to health and hygiene. The Inspirations Series recognizes the need of the hour and takes the lead by offering laminates that have anti-virus, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

These laminates ensure cleanliness and safety, all while beautifying your space. These laminates have protection that prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms and pathogens. This feature makes it extremely valuable for residential and commercial settings. They are also good for culinary spaces like kitchens, restaurants, etc.

Chemical Resistance Grade Laminate

When talking about durability, the Inspirations Series shines with its Chemical Resistance Grade High-Pressure Laminate (HPL). These laminates are built with durability in mind and can withstand the rigours of daily life, including exposure to chemicals.

They are also designed to resist any damage from hot water, tea, coffee and even ink spills. VIR Laminate ensures that your laminate remains pristine, regardless of the challenges it faces.

Extensive Designs and Texture Options

An impressive range of design choices is available in the Inspiration Series. You can select from a wide range of more than 500 designs. This gives you the freedom to find a laminate that perfectly fits your vision of the interior space. Additionally, there are 50 plus different textures to choose from. Your personalized interior space is just one selection away.

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As you embark on this journey of renovating your interior space or creating one from scratch, consider VIR Laminate for your project. The commitment to innovation, trust, customer-centric updates and uncompromising quality ensures that your expectations are exceeded.

Experience the Inspirations Series for yourself and infuse your personalized and creative vision into your living or working space. To know more about VIR Laminate or the Inspirations Series, visit the VIR Laminate’s website to get in touch with their experienced team. Your dream space is just one choice away.