Stunning and Modern Door Laminate Designs for Residence

The entrance door is an essential element of every residence as it focuses on creating a first impression. A fantastic door design exudes creativity and indulgence. Those days are long gone when homeowners used to settle for ordinary entrance doors. With the vast array of door laminate designs available today, you can choose to fit the best entrance door for your home that complements your ideas and decor.

VIR Laminate, a pioneering laminate brand in India, strives to offer you a collection of stunning door laminate designs, ensuring your residence an exceptional allure. Our door skin laminate comes in an array of shades, patterns, decorations, textures, and whatnot.

In this blog, we have curated a list of out-of-the-box laminate designs for your entrance doors that impeccably complement your style and personality.

Make a Great Impression with the List of Door Laminate Designs

Going Classic

Going simple and classic is always a good choice for the doors. You can have a horizontal wood panel with a black handle guard that runs from the top to the bottom of the door. This can add charm and sophistication to the look of the home's entrance.

You can go with a light-coloured laminate design or check out our product catalogue "VIR Door Book" for a classic feel. Adding texture to the doors in horizontal or vertical panels can create a work of art.

Combination of Glass and Wood

An entire glass door is not a good option for the entrance. However, you can choose a particular design that gives a country-style look. You can meld frosted glass on the front door with an elegant pattern, which will not only make it look trendy but also give it an enthralling appearance.

You can give your front door a makeover by adding a stained glass sidelight. This makes a great amalgamation of glass and laminated doors by assuring the exquisite privacy of Indian homes.

Add Grill Work

One of the best combinations of laminate sheets and grills is integrated into every Indian apartment door. With grill work such as Warli art, geometric shapes, floral, abstract, and so on, your simple and plain laminated door can be transformed into an eye-catching appearance.

Make an eye-catching statement with an ingenious door handle

For instance, give your door a chic and attractive makeover with an astonishing handle. By combining an extraordinary door handle with carvings and a chandelier on top of the ceiling, you can create an excellent entryway. It also serves as a fantastic conversation starter and prompts your guests to inquire about the item. Our products, VIR Emboss door, and VIR Plain door are great options to integrate unique door handles.

Door Laminate Designs by VIRLaminate

Decorate it with Divine Symbols

People believing in Vastu shastra can adopt door skin laminate designs that have divine symbols such as the swastika, OM, Lord Ganesh, etc. For example, you could give the door a minimalistic pattern and place sacred symbols in the center. If you need tips and advice about Vastu Shastra for your interior decoration, then check out our blog.

Make an Innovative Statement

If you prefer bold or pastel colours, add solid-colour laminate sheets to your doors. Whatever the colours you feel like incorporating into your front door, make sure you match them with amazing adornments. For example, you can paint your door in Prussian blue and complement it with a doormat, nameplate, hanging flower baskets, etc.

Floral door skin designs

Nothing is more stunning than floral designs on doors. For instance, add gold leaf motifs or highlights on the front door to make it appealing. These styles are popular among homeowners and interior designers alike. For diverse options, you can check out our door skin laminate catalogue.

Mixing with Metal

Pairing metal and laminate doors can give a warm and inviting feeling. Even though both materials are in contrast to each other, they fit perfectly, like two peas in a pod. You can add minimal metal detailing to your solid wood door to give it a vintage and traditional appearance. You can check out our products: VIR Digital Door, VIR Heavy Metal, VIR Light Metal, and VIR Eco Metal for an extensive range of door skins with a blend of metal.

Jali Door

Adding a Jali design as a front door for a lovely entrance to the home is a great idea. You can employ a plain-coloured back door that offers security and a front door for ornamental purposes. For example, give your door a chevron-styled jali embossed on the dark brown-coloured door skin, giving an aesthetic peek to your entrance.

Geometrical Design

The geometrical design on the door can give it a modern and spectacular look. For instance, on the textured laminates, you might swap out the ornamental motifs for a geometric matrix pattern that has a rustic appearance and fits well with Indian homes.


VIR Laminate presents to you a unique collection of varied laminate door designs. The blog has merely concentrated on the fashion, material, and style of the entrance door you can choose to provide your home with an aesthetic yet glorious appeal.

With this comprehensive guide in your hand, you can find a durable and assorted range of laminates to enhance the look of your home entrance doors with your desired style matching your interiors at the best price. Contact us today to avail the right and best door skin laminates for your home.