Matt or Glossy Laminate: Which One Should You Choose?

Are you planning to get new laminates for your home or office but can't decide between a matt or glossy finish? Well, both are most popular choice among interior designers. Matt and Glossy both laminate types offer unique benefits and are suited to different applications.

Here we have explained the key difference between these two types of laminates, with its benefits and ideal usage to help you decide which one is best for your project.

First let’s have a brief introduction about Matt Laminate and Glossy Laminate:

Matt or Glossy Laminate

Matt Laminates:

Matt laminate has a flat, dull and non-reflective finish. The laminate surface is coated with a dull paper, cardstock or plastic to achieve a matt finish. The coating not only gives laminate a matt appearance, but also protects it from abrasion, moisture and wear.

Characteristics of Matt Laminates:

  • Has a subtle, non-reflective finish that is perfect for creating a sophisticated look
  • Is more resistant to fingerprints and smudges than glossy laminate
  • Is easier to maintain and keep clean over time

Glossy Laminates:

As the name suggests, glossy laminates have a shiny and reflective appearance. This type of laminate has been coated with a thin layer of shiny paper, cardstock or plastic to achieve a glossy look. This layer also works as a protective shield against moisture, wear and tear and other environmental factors.

Characteristics of Glossy Laminate:

  • Has a high-shine, reflective finish that makes surfaces pop
  • Is less resistant to fingerprints and smudges than matt laminate
  • Requires more frequent cleaning and maintenance

Benefits of Each Type:

Matt and glossy laminates are both popular options for enhancing the appearance and durability of furniture.

Benefits of Matt Laminates:

Reduces Glare:

They have a matt finish with a low sheen, which makes them ideal décor surface for bright natural light or multiple angles of viewing.

Adds Texture:

The matt laminates give a smooth and velvety texture.

Resists Fingerprints:

Matt laminates are less likely to show fingerprints, smudges and other marks than glossy laminates, making them a good choice for surface decor that will be handled frequently.

Provides a more Subdued Look:

The muted finish of matt laminate gives surface a more understated, professional look.

Benefits of Glossy Laminates:

Enhances Colour:

Glossy laminates have a high sheen that makes colours appear more vibrant and saturated, which is ideal for surfaces with high-quality designs.

Increases Contrast:

A glossy laminate's reflective surface enhances the contrast of surface designs, making them stand out.

Provides a High-End Look:

Glossy laminates give furniture a shiny, polished appearance that can make them look more upscale and luxurious.

Provides Better Protection:

Glossy laminates are more resistant to scratches and other damage than matt laminates.

Provides Protection:

Glossy laminate has a high level of protection against moisture, stains and scratches. This makes it ideal for items that will be handled frequently or exposed to the elements.

Which One Should You Choose?

It really depends on the needs of your furniture application or surface décor usage whether you choose matt laminate or glossy laminate. Consider the below key factors to select the best laminate for your project:


Consider the overall look and feel you want to achieve and select laminate accordingly. If you are looking for the professional and classy look, the matt laminate works best. On the other hand if you like a vibrant look, the glossy laminate would be the ideal selection.


Consider how these laminates will be used in your space. For areas that will be handled frequently, matt laminate is the best option since fingerprints will be less likely to appear. On the other hand, glossy laminate works best for items that will be exposed to the elements like moisture, stains and scratches.


You should also consider the lighting conditions where you are looking to use laminate. Matt laminate reduces glare and reflections, making it easier to read under bright lighting or outdoors. Glossy laminate, on the other hand, can enhance colours and contrast.


In summary, matt laminate is great when you want a subtle, classic and sophisticated look, while glossy laminate works best to achieve bold and vibrant look. Whichever finish you decide on, proper care will ensure that your furniture looks just as good years down the line as it did on day one.

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