Which Laminate can be best suited for your Kitchen Cabinets?

Because Laminates are highly durable, moisture resistant, easy to maintain and come in a wide range of colours and designs, they have become the most popular surface décor material for kitchen cabinets. Laminate sheets can help your kitchen cabinets in both ways by giving them a modern and attractive look and also by making them convenient to use. This material offers strength and protection to your kitchen cabinets as well as is cost-effective and a great substitute to veneer.

As varieties of laminate designs are increasing, it becomes more difficult to choose the perfect one for your kitchen, as we all want your kitchen to look mesmerising. Kitchen cabinets are exposed to a lot of dirt, stains and heat, so selecting the perfect laminate for kitchen is a tedious task. Help yourself up through this blog and understand how you can choose the right laminate for your kitchen cabinets.

Laminate for Kitchen Cabinets

Ultimate Kitchen Laminate ideas:

1. Choose Laminate Colours which Provide Proper Combination

Creating the perfect combination of laminate and kitchen walls is very important so the colours of the laminate will play a big role in increasing the beauty of the kitchen. Make your colour choice depending on the size of the area, the amount of natural light available, the colour of your walls, your cooking style and, of course, your personal taste. Some ideas for choosing the colour for your Kitchen Laminate are as follows:
  • Solid Colours - If you like solid colours like yellow, green, blue or red, then you can choose laminate in these shades to add vibrancy to your kitchen cabinets. If you want your kitchen to stand out, solid-colour laminates are the way to go; just make sure you select high-quality laminates that are scratch-resistant and durable.
  • Light or white coloured Laminate - Lighter or white coloured laminate make the look of the room larger but at the same time, they require regular clean-ups.
  • Dark coloured Laminate - Dark coloured laminate provide an aesthetic look to your kitchen but scratches are more visible on dark coloured laminate.
  • Digital print or decorative Laminate - These types of laminate are available in different patterns, themes and designs. They can provide a very stylish and decorative look to your kitchen and they are also customisable as per your requirement.

2. High-Pressure Laminate

These laminates are more durable than liner laminates so they can withstand heat and moisture in the kitchen.

3. Anti-Bacterial Laminate

These laminate are made with antimicrobial agents that make them resistant to mould, termites, and a variety of other insects. Antibacterial laminate provide an additional layer of protection for your kitchen, ensuring that it remains germ-free.

4. Anti-Fingerprint Laminate

If you have a very busy kitchen, then laminate with innovative finger-proof technology are a good option. These laminate have a low-reflective surface that is permanently resistant to heat, grease, smudge, smears, streaks, and fingerprints which makes them easy to maintain.

5. Fire-Retardant Laminate

Fire-resistant laminates are made with special adhesives and agents so the laminate sheets surfaces do not catch fire easily, which slow the spread of fires, reduce smoke emissions and delay the temperature rise of the laminate.

6. Acrylic Finish Laminate

These types of laminate have a reflective high gloss finish and are also available in different colours. They are also moisture resistant and do not fade when exposed to sunlight. Acrylic laminate can give an excessive look to your kitchen but you should also keep in mind that they are a very expensive, prone to scratches and are high maintenance.

7. Textured Laminate

Textured laminate can be a go-to option for you whenever you would not be able to decide upon any specific laminate. These types of laminate have an evergreen wooden texture which provides the feel of natural materials like wood and stone. Their heavily textured surface is scratch-resistant but can gain dust easily so it is advisable to clean it regularly.

8. Matte Finish Laminate

They have a medium reflective surface so they are easy to clean, are also functional, durable and less prone to scratches or dirt as compared to gloss finish laminate. They will provide you with a stylish, refined and modern look to your kitchen.

9. Gloss Finish Kitchen Laminate

You can give your kitchen a bright look by opting for gloss finish laminate because they reflect light and has a polished and mirror-like surface. But they are likely to get frequent scratches and fingerprint marks so the best way is to use these laminate with wall cabinets or even in the combination with matte finish laminate so that it can make your space extra shinier.

10. Metal Finish Laminate

Metal finish laminate like stainless steel or brushed steel with silver, gold or copper tone provides a rich, extravagant and sleek look to your kitchen. However, they are expensive than other types of laminate.


Here in this blog, we have seen many types of kitchen laminates that will help you to choose the perfect matched one for your dream kitchen look. You can customize them as per your ideas and needs. You can go for mix and match surface finishes or the combination of 2 opposite types of laminate and even any single solid coloured or printed laminate.

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