Reasons to Consider Laminates for Walls Rather Than Paint

The type of material used for wall decoration influences the appearance and durability of your walls. The usual option for homeowners wishing to give their houses a new look has traditionally been paints. The reason behind this is that paints are the least expensive and easiest solution.

Although paint may be the conventional material for walls, due to technological advancements, laminates are now the most opulent, long-lasting, and reliable surface options. Since laminate sheets for walls have so many benefits, many homeowners now prefer to use them instead of painting their walls.

Are you finally considering redecorating the walls of your home after years of staring at the same, boring ones? Let us check why you should consider laminates over paints for your walls.

Laminates for Wall

Cons of Using Paint

  • Painting is not always the lowest maintenance option particularly if you have children in your house
  • Re-painting the walls is a time-consuming process
  • The paint and its fumes can have adverse reactions to some people like cough and congestion
  • Paint can also cause blisters or irritation when directly contacted with skin
  • Paint also does not provide an accurate surface solution to your old walls with uneven surfaces

Reasons to Choose Laminates Over Paint for Your Wall Decoration

There are several reasons to use laminates for your wall instead of paint. Let us check them out:

Low Maintenance

Maintaining the decorative and protective qualities of laminates requires little maintenance. Laminates can be easily cleaned with a clean cloth, that’s why they are easy to maintain and gives a stunning look to your walls for a very long time. They also possess scratch resistance and moisture resistance properties. In addition, they require far less time to install on your walls than painting does.

Wide Range of Options

The opportunity to customize laminate sheets to meet your demands is one of the main benefits of incorporating them as your wall panels. You can select from a wide variety of colours and pattern designs, which will enable you to create your own style. Wall laminates are available in a variety of designs to imitate many expensive materials like leather, metal, granite, and other natural materials, depending on how you envisage the interior of your house to look.

Highly Durable Compared to Paints

When compared to laminates, paints usually do not give the same long-term results. And although laminate is more expensive compared to paint, they are more resilient and long-lasting than paint. Thus, in the long run, they will equalize the expense. Laminates are quite durable because they provide several advantages including resistance to scuffs, dampness, and surface abrasion. Furthermore, due to this quality, they can be used in nearly any place in the house, like the kitchen and bathroom.

Offers Amazing Aesthetics

Since laminates offer a special fusion of elegance and functionality, they must be your preferred option for wall decor. While they are more resilient than paint, they also give your walls a texture like wallpapers. Your walls get an impeccable appearance while being helped to conceal structural or design problems. Additionally, laminate wall panels make it feasible to cover unattractive elements like cables and exposed wiring, something that is otherwise hard to achieve with conventional wallpaper and paint.

No Side Effects

Paints and their fumes often lead to several allergic reactions in humans like respiratory infections, skin issues, discomfort, etc. On the other hand, laminates are made from Kraft paper, resins, decorative paper, and a durable layer under high pressure which minimizes any health effects. Thus there is no health risk associated with your family members if laminates are used for walls instead of paint. Also laminates have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties.


From this article, we have clearly understood why we should consider laminates in place of paints for your wall decoration project. Hence, in comparison, laminates are unquestionably superior choice to paints. So if you are looking for your house makeover, consider selecting and using wall laminates for the surety of both; beauty and durability.

Moreover, other than the wall, laminates offer infinite house applications such as cabinets, shelves, furniture, doors, and many more. Are you looking for your interior wall decoration ideas using laminates but can’t get any? Don’t worry, refer to our blog regarding ideas using digital laminates and laminate wall panelling ideas for some amazing wall panelling ideas!