VIR LAMINATE: Step Up Your Interior Decoration as Per Vastu

We are all quite particular about our houses and want them to be flawless. We, therefore, opt for the perfect interior decoration theme to make our homes look vivacious. But did you ever consider the amalgamation of Vastu Shastra into your interiors? Vastu Shastra is a form of ancient architectural science that promotes positive energies in and around people and places.

Many individuals believe that Vastu Shastra simply applies to a property's design and construction. However, it indeed requires just as much house interior design. Even if your home is built according to Vastu principles, ignoring the interiors may cause an imbalance in the property's overall Vastu.

The perfect combination of using laminates as a part of interior decoration and Vastu in homes can bring harmony, health, and prosperity. If you are planning to design or modify your home, consider using VIR Laminate Sheets to incorporate these Vastu-approved concepts.

Interior as per Vastu

Application of Vastu to the Interior Decorations:

Vastu principles are implemented according to the direction in which the house faces. Let’s understand in detail:

Main entrance/door

As per the Vastu Shastra, the morning sunlight entering your home through the main door is significant. Hence, the most appropriate location for your front door is in the northeast corner of your space. Choose soft colours laminated doors, such as wood, silver or white colours. You can decorate the main door with divine symbols such as the swastika, OM, an Indian god or goddess, or any other door laminate design.

If your main door is facing towards the north direction, add more silver colour to the door skin laminates. If your main entrance is in the east, then the door should be made from wood and decorated with limited metal accessories.

You can choose the perfect door laminate with the VIR Door Skin Laminates, which can make your entrance look pleasing and stunning by coalescing the Vastu.

Living room/drawing room

The living room is the busiest part of the house. It should be in such a way that it creates a positive atmosphere for the people. If you are using white coloured laminate sheets for the living room walls can make it look simple and understated, according to Vastu the white colour brings purity and wisdom to life. You can also incorporate any colours like blue, brown, orange, pink or yellow for the walls to create a balance with Vastu.

Strike a balance by using furniture that contrasts with the primary colour of the laminate walls; this will give your living space the correct vitality.


The kitchen contributes to the health and well-being of the occupants. You can utilise lighter shades of laminate sheets for kitchen cabinets or slabs like white, rose, orange, etc. to provide an elegant look.

For instance, you can use yellow solid-colour laminates to build a positive atmosphere. The yellow colour is particularly ideal for a kitchen that does not get much direct sunshine since it resembles the warmth of the sun's rays without reflecting them and creating harsh lighting.


Laminates are one of the best surface décor materials to integrate into bedrooms like furniture, wall panels, cabinets etc. For the bedroom, you need to keep the space not light or dark and add eye-pleasing colours. You can use light-coloured laminates for bedroom themes like white, grey, green, rose, and blue. You can décor your wardrobe with high-gloss or matte-finish laminates to enhance the look.

You can add laminate ceilings to elevate the look of the bedrooms, which should be ideally 10 feet high. Too low can lead to poor circulation. According to Vastu, a white or light-coloured laminate ceiling attracts positive energy and leads to serenity.

Puja room:

According to Vastu, the temple in the puja room should be made from marble or wooden laminate sheets. You can also install intriguing wall panels made from textured or unicolour laminates to enhance the entrance of the puja room with positivity and spirituality.

Children’s room

The children's room should be built in the western zone of the house. It helps to welcome pleasant energies and happiness into the bedroom. Adding laminated study desks or shelves placed in a west or southwest direction can enhance concentration and memory. Using decorative or digital laminates in their rooms according to the rules of Vastu Shastra can usher in good dreams, warmth, love, and compassion.

For instance, adding a flora image can make the kid’s room look spectacular and exceptional. You can customize the graphics on laminate from VIR Laminate, to create a one of a kind space.

Final Remarks:

You may have imagined your dream house as a natural blend of historic and contemporary designs, with the perfect combination of glass and elegant furniture materials. But at the same time, do not overlook the aspect that brings calmness to your home: Vastu Shastra. Adding the concept of Vastu Shastra to your interior design can be beneficial in every way.

Among the most decorative furniture items, laminates can be selected based on the durability and appearance they provide to your house interiors. The best thing about laminates is that they are not limited to any particular shade, finish, or texture; they are available in a variety of pre-fabricated designs and types to choose from.

VIR Laminate is a leading name in the laminate manufacturing industry. We provide laminates for all types of applications and every section of the house, like bathrooms, shelves, house exteriors, wall panelling and cladding, garages, balconies, etc. Our decorative laminates are considered as a modern choice for interior decoration.