How to Determine Which Laminate Should Be Used for Furniture

Home remodelling is a big and exhausting task. A lot of things go into designing to create an alluring and spacious look. And remodelling is incomplete without modifying your furniture. You must have heard of laminates and their use in furniture while you were looking for the ideal pieces for your home.

Laminated furniture is becoming the latest trend among homeowners. Its replication of natural materials makes the furniture look stylish and appealing to the viewer’s eye.

However, selecting the correct laminate for furniture can be a puzzling task. Here in this blog, we explain what kind of laminate works best with the home's furniture.

Decorate Home with Laminates

Attractive Laminates that are Suitable for Furniture

Kitchen Cabinets:

Laminate sheets are idyllic for use in kitchen cabinets. It adds a sense of sophistication and elegance to the space. The laminates are resistant to scratches, mould, water, heat and so on, so you can use them without any worry. You can incorporate solid-colour laminates such as blue, yellow, or green or their shades into the kitchen cabinets to add liveliness.

To give your kitchen cabinets a shiny and bright look, you can integrate high-gloss laminates. They have polished and mirror-like surfaces that give a modern and refined appearance.

For more information about what sort of laminate is best suited for the kitchen cabinets, read here.


Wardrobes are used to store jewellery, clothes, spare bedding, etc. in homes integrating laminates, which have a unique variety of textures, patterns, and colours on or in the wardrobes to give a fascinating look.

Using textured laminates in the wardrobe can give a classy and natural appearance. You can use an assortment of textured laminates from VIR Laminate, from darker to lighter texture shades.

High-gloss laminates can be used on the wardrobe to give it an aesthetic and gleaming look that complements your bedroom interior. For instance, creating a sliding cupboard using high-gloss laminate coloured in red and black in front to give a graceful look.

Digital laminates can also be incorporated into wardrobes. For instance, add a graphic design such as colourful checkered boxes or traditional Indian designs.

Here are some more ideas for designing wardrobes with laminates


Shelves give a proper place to keep things neat by storing things such as books, adornments, photo frames, and so on. You can integrate high-pressure laminates on the shelves due to their high durability and ability to imitate other materials' appearances. For example, you can create floating shelves or built-in shelves to make the space look stylish and clutter-free.

Wall Panels:

Wall panels are a fantastic way to completely transform a room while beautifying it. You can use unicolour or solid colour laminates for the wall panels in one corner of the room. You can add adornments such as big circular mirrors, lamps, vases, and so on.

Using digital laminates can make your home not only beautiful but also a great place to give positive vibes. You can add wall art (world maps, city life, naturalistic design, graffiti, and so on) to give it a creative look. For more information about wall decoration using digital laminates, read here.

TV Units:

The TV units provide creative storage and display options, which make the household look neat and organized. You can use a textured laminate (especially brown or white shades) to give a warm and radiant touch to the home by complementing it with other furniture in the living room.

Adding high-quality decorative laminate panels at the back of your television can give it an exquisite and appealing look.


You can use VIR 90° PVC Laminate that gives a seamless and smooth edge to your beds in a trendy manner. Using high-pressure laminates gives an artistic look, and it is available in various finishes such as gloss, matte, sheen, and so on.

You can give it a creative twist by adding high-gloss laminate and giving your beds a fancy and royal appearance. Its bright and sparkly look can enhance your comfortable space.

Parting Note:

Knowing your options can help you make the best decision when selecting laminates for furniture. Depending on the type of furniture you want for your home, laminates should be chosen. In this case, VIR Laminate can help you. As an Indian laminate sheets manufacturer and distributor, we offer a wide variety of laminates, ranging from high-gloss to digital laminates, which look great with any type of furniture or interior.Contact us now.