What are the Best Laminate Trends in 2023?

Laminate has achieved enormous appeal owing to its price, durability, unique design and adaptability. It is a surface decor material that resembles the appearance of wood or stone or any design with high-definition manufacturing technology. Staying up-to-date with the newest trends in laminate designs is vital to ensuring your home or office space reflects a current and trendy design.

In this article, we will analyse the best laminate trends in 2023. From nature-inspired designs to sustainable solutions, broad planks to vivid colours and patterns, waterproof and pet-friendly laminates to hybrid laminate and better durability and performance, we'll cover it all.

Best Laminate Trends in 2023

Nature-inspired Laminate Designs

One of the major trends in laminate is the desire to bring the beauty of the outdoors into our homes. This expanding trend is mirrored in nature-inspired laminate patterns. Laminate now provides authentic wood grain designs and textures that nearly mimic real wood.

Earthy tones and hues such as oak, walnut and hickory are especially popular. To give a contemporary touch, laminate patterns often include the appearance of stone and tile. The use of high-definition printing technology for the design papers guarantees that these patterns seem astonishingly realistic, capturing the sense of nature inside our interior settings.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Options

In today's world, there is a rising desire for sustainable and eco-friendly goods and laminate is no exception. Manufacturers are responding to this trend by providing sustainable choices. These laminates are manufactured utilising recycled and renewable materials, decreasing their environmental effect. Additionally, there are water-resistant laminates available with eco-friendly cores, giving a lasting and sustainable choice for varied locations.

Wide Planks and Longer Lengths

A prominent trend in laminate is the tendency for bigger boards and longer lengths. This move towards bigger plank sizes provides a modern touch to any environment. Moreover, broad planks provide a visual appearance of greater open space, making rooms seem bigger and airier.

Longer lengths lend a feeling of elegance and richness, adding a sophisticated aspect to the design. These laminate alternatives provide adaptability, perfectly complimenting numerous interior design trends. Furthermore, decreased seams and joints increase authenticity, offering a more authentic hardwood look.

Bold Colors and Patterns

With laminate in 2023, there is an increasing tendency to use colours and strong hues. These eye-catching colours infuse individuality and energy into every area. Additionally, laminate designs increasingly integrate geometric patterns like chevron and herringbone, providing a contemporary and dynamic touch.

Moreover, creative designs and distinctive aesthetics are becoming more prominent, letting homeowners make a statement with their selections. These vivid colours and patterns assist in emphasising prominent areas in the space, producing a fascinating and aesthetically attractive setting.

Water-Resistance and Pet-friendly Laminate

As the need for moisture-resistant continues to increase, water resistant and pet-friendly laminates have become popular alternatives. These laminates contain waterproof cores and surface coatings that give exceptional protection against spills, pet mishaps and moisture damage.

With their durable features, they are simple to maintain and clean, making them excellent for house with dogs or pets. Despite their endurance, these laminates preserve the beauty and aesthetic appeal of natural looking materials, assuring that your laminate stays aesthetically attractive.

Hybrid Laminate

In 2023, hybrid laminate is in fashion, combining the best features of laminate and other types. Greater durability, making it resistant to wear and strain, is a feature of this hybrid. It often has a top layer that mimics the look of genuine wood or stone, creating a realistic and aesthetically pleasing surface.

A strong composite material serves as the hybrid laminate's core, providing stability and strength. Hybrid laminate offers a wide range of pattern options, making it the ideal choice for high-traffic areas that need both style and toughness.


In conclusion, the top laminate trends in 2023 provide a broad choice of solutions to improve your interior décor environment. From nature-inspired patterns and ecological alternatives to broad planks, vibrant colours and water resistance possibilities, there is something for every taste and need.

It's vital to consider personal preferences when picking laminates to create a place that genuinely expresses your character. Don't hesitate to look for the newest trends and breakthroughs in the industry. With its affordability, durability and adaptability, laminates continue to be a popular and lasting option for households worldwide. At, VIR Laminate you can find these trendy laminates with numbers of designs, textures and colors. Visit us or call us to know more about our products.