What Should You Do to Avoid Common Laminate Problems?

Laminate is a versatile décor surface element in any interior design or decoration. Because of its affordable price and attractive appearance, laminate is frequently chosen for residential, commercial, and other applications. It has many advantages over other available materials such as wood, veneer and granite.

Despite the immense popularity of laminate in home design and renovation, there are a few common mistakes that most people make when dealing with them. This article will spotlight the top five mistakes you might make that can damage your laminate sheets, causing your homes and offices to appear dull or lusterless.

Avoid Common Laminate Problem

Four Common Laminate Problems and How to avoid them?

1. Improper installation can damage laminates quickly:

The way in which you install your laminates can have a significant impact on their longevity and appearance. Improper installation may cause quick damage and result in the laminates being replaced in a short timeframe. To avoid this issue, you should hire a good carpenter to install laminate sheets for your walls, floors, shelving, furniture and more. Choosing the right installation method can make it last a long time.

2. Frequent contact with water is harmful to laminates:

Despite being water resistant, laminates are still susceptible to damage from regular or heavy water exposure. Regular mopping of wet water and potted plants can ruin your laminate surface. Ensure that your laminate sheets are in least contact with water or other liquids to prolong their lifespan.

Be mindful of not placing any planters directly on the laminate surface without a plant holder. Also, avoid frequent mopping and be careful in choosing the right mop for your laminate floor.

3. Using harsh cleaners can wear down your laminate:

Your cleaner is another factor that can wear down the appearance of your laminate sheets. Using harsh cleaners with a high concentration of powerful chemicals will cause abrasion to your laminate surface, making them lose its shine. Frequent usage of cleaners is another mistake you should avoid.

Choose a gentle cleaner for your laminate flooring and walls to help you prevent any damage. Laminate doesn't require a powerful cleaning solution. You can make the laminate surface look pristine by using a simple cleanser with water and an ammonia-free glass cleaner.

4. Prolonged sun exposure can fade laminate colour:

Excessive sunlight is another opponent to your laminate and can cause them to wear down quickly. Most people create multiple openings for natural sunlight to make a space appear airy and spacious. However, this increased exposure to extreme sun rays can damage your laminate surfaces by making them look lackluster.

When designing your home, plan your layout carefully to ensure that your laminate wall, shelves, and furniture don't get exposed to excessive sunlight. Use curtains or blinds to limit the inflow of harsh sun rays. It will ensure that your laminates continue to look new for a long time.

To SumIt Up:

There are countless benefits to designing with laminates, which can add a sense of elegance to any setting, whether it is residential or commercial. When including laminates in your design process, avoid the mistakes we noted above and enjoy their long-lasting performance with elegant looks.

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