Areas Where High-Pressure Laminates are Widely Used

The Areas Where High-Pressure Laminates are Widely Used

In recent years, high-pressure laminates (HPL) have become a popular choice among interior designers, architects, decorators and carpenters all around the world.

High-pressure laminates are known for their durability, resistance to moisture and ease of maintenance, making them a top choice for use in a variety of applications.

In addition to their practicality, HPLs are attractive and come in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures. This allows designers to use HPLs as a way to add visual interest to a space while still maintaining the durability and practicality of the surface material.

As per the name, high-pressure laminate sheets consists of layers of Kraft paper impregnated with resin, which is then fused under high pressure and heat.

High-pressure laminates are one of the most embellished surface materials that provide a better user experience as they can be used for different spaces.

Let’s see why these high-pressure laminates are an ideal choice for all kinds of establishments where these laminates are extensively used.

HPL Cladding in Workplaces

High-pressure cladding is widely used commercially for both exterior as well as interior purposes


Your office is a place that reflects your corporate image and holds the key to productivity, efficiency and creativity.

Therefore, it is important to create a workplace that is functional, comfortable and pleasing at all levels. Here, laminates play a vital role in office interior, the wide range, textures and scratch-resistant property and abrasions makes these laminates the most suitable material for office spaces.

HPLs are very versatile, you can easily use laminates in every part of your office, whether to build co-working spaces, private offices, private cubicles, office cafeterias, recreational areas in the office, conference rooms and so on.

Whatever change you want to bring into your office spaces, HPL will help you bring that vision into reality.

Creating an Inviting Space for Shoppers in the Retail Industry

As we’re talking about the retail industry, the first point of visual contact a customer has with a store is window displays. An eye-catching retail window display captures the shopper’s attention, therefore, creating a retail environment clean, crisp and inviting is crucial.

High-pressure laminate sheets have now become an integral part of retail interior design to create an inviting space that reinforces the client’s brand. You can expand your creativity level using laminates.

Laminates are highly-durable, as the countertops take a lot of wear and tear, laminates are often used for counters and ceiling features like lighting boxes. Also, HPL is very effective for walls with slots where shelves are needed to display merchandise. With laminates, you can easily achieve that look.

A retail shop needs to be clean and maintained over time, HPL are best as they require less maintenance than real wood and are scratch free.

An array of shades, textures and classy appeal of HPL sheets makes them ideal for any type of architectural condition.

Laminate for Healthcare Applications

Laminates come with excellent hygienic quality and that’s the reason HPL sheets are a favored choice in high-traffic environments such as hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories.

At VIR-laminate you’ll get innovative High-pressure laminate options and within that, you’ll find anti-bacterial laminate that allows efficient cleaning and provide a more sterile living environment.

Laminates with anti-bacterial feature are impactful in the healthcare sector as they provide a comprehensive layer of protection and don’t allow germs to multiply under the surface.

In the healthcare sector, walls, stairways, corridors, washrooms and hallways are more likely to expose to traffic. High-pressure laminates provide durable and cleanable surfaces.

As we’re talking about the health sector, laboratories and operating room surfaces have the most challenging environment. These surfaces are most likely to be exposed to chemicals and abrasive materials, for such applications laminates resistance to relatively harsh chemicals and other destructive substances is required.

The chemical-resistant lamination sheets provide efficient cleaning and a safe environment without compromising on aesthetics.

Laminate Surfaces for Hospitality Sector

With an increasing expectation for high-level customer service and high competition in the hospitality industry, this sector needs a creative interior

A unique interior, relaxing and comfortable ambiance is what people expect in the hospitality sector. HPLs are perfect for these spaces as they have a longer life and are available in various colors, textures and patterns.

High-pressure laminates are used as decorative laminates that are capable of boosting the area’s aesthetics. These laminates are scratch and stain resistant and to maintain and cleaning process of these laminates is easy.

Whether it’s a restaurant, café, bar or hotel HPL sheets aid you in creating an excellent first impression. These laminates help to create an ambiance that ensures guests have a great experience of visiting the place.

Laminate Sheets for Residential Property

When it comes to redesigning homes or residential properties, high-pressure laminates are probably one of the most versatile surfacing materials to be used.

You can create classy and natural-looking wall features using decorative laminates. Whether it’s your living room, hall, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, you can use these HPLs to add creativity and warmth to your home interior.

These laminates are the most common surfacing material that is also used to protect furniture while beautifying it at the same time.

You can create household furniture, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets easily using these decorative laminates.


VIR-laminate is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of high-pressure laminates. We’re constantly bringing cost-effective, unmatched quality and decorative laminates to the market.

These HPLs are used in many applications from commercial to residential applications that provide both beauty and functionality to the spaces.

If you’re looking for durable, high-quality and decorative laminates then VIR-Laminate is the place for you.

Manifest your dream décor with VIR-LAMINATES!

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