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VIR Laminate, where every surface tells a story of refined beauty

VIR Laminate has been leading the force of change with its laminate solutions right from our inception. With our varied laminate offerings, you’ve got something for every project as VIR laminate strives to provide you with the top-notch and exceptional laminate solutions. Our laminate solutions go above and beyond your expectations and are always curated keeping the most crucial aspect in mind – what our customers will feel once they switch to VIR Laminate!

About Us Rushil Décor

Rushil Decor Ltd. is a pioneering name in India for crafting high-end, durable and promising quality solutions to empower you with rich and long-lasting experiences. Our company is a forerunner in manufacturing high-quality laminate, MDF panel boards and flooring products. Since our inception in 1993, we have established a global footprint in 51+ countries with our immaculate craftsmanship, excellence and our passion for combining expert knowledge with artistic vision that defines us.

Through our promising team, we strive to connect with our clients’ emotions and panache through refined designs and unmatched experiences. You can count on us for absolute innovation and a myriad of choices to complement your vision for a contemporary home or office. With every passing day, we aspire to enlighten the world with trendsetting prospects and futuristic experiences.

With decades of experience, we have grown to elevate our proficiency, products, technology and management to offer the world our best possible services. Our plethora of exceptional products comprises laminates, HDF laminate flooring, MDF PRO boards (Interior grade), MDF PROPLUS boards (Exterior grade), MAXPRO HDFWR boards, Prelaminated MDF boards, Decorative laminates, PVC boards, WPC boards and WPC doors with superior properties, durability and classiness.

The Rushil hallmark of ideal quality is ensured by employing progressive technology in our manufacturing units. The Singapore Environmental Council’s green-label certification and BIS’s eco-mark certification reinforce our commitment to sustainable business practices. Our company adheres to health, safety and environmental (HSE) regulations to ensure the safety of our workers, the community and the environment.

At Rushil Decor, our passion for creating beautiful yet functional design surfaces and panel boards fuels our pursuit of enriching the quality of life for present and forthcoming eras through design, craftsmanship and innovation.

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About Rushil Decor


With a 3-star export house accreditation by the Government of India, Rushil Décor Limited ranks among the top exporters of HPL from India. Our state-of-the-art laminates manufacturing facility is one of the best equipped in India. Our products are marketed in more than 51 countries spanning South East Asia, Middle East, USA, South America, Europe and SAARC countries under the brand name ‘Rushil Décor Premium Laminates’. Our expertise in a wide range of optimized products has built us a solid brand equity among customers across diverse cultures and markets.





Rushil Décor Ltd., was established 31 years ago with a vision of manufacturing innovative, high-quality laminates. Today it is one of India’s leading manufacturers of laminates and panel boards, with a global footprint.


Rushil Decor started it’s export business.


In 2003, Rushil Décor forayed into the global market by exporting laminates. Today, Rushil is a trusted name in more than 51 countries with a yearly production of 34.9 lakh sheets.


Rushil Decor Pvt. Ltd., was rebranded as Rushil Decor Ltd.


With the vision of making Rushil a complete décor brand, the founders purchased land at Chikmagalur for the company’s MDF pant.


In July 2011, the company launched it’s IPO and became a public listed entity.


The first VIR Studdio was launched. Today the company has over 125 Studdios across India. The company started producing VIR MDF boards at it’s state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Chikmagalur.


The company started manufacturing VIR PVC and VIR WPC boards. In order to meet domestic and global demand for MDF, the company started building its 2nd MDF plant in Vizag.


Company’s new MDF plant at Vizag started commercial production.


Implemented SAP S/4 Hana ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software.


Rushil Decor Ltd., started a joint venture for plywood manufacturing under the name of VIR Modala Ply at Chikmagalur.



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MISSION of VIR Laminate


Delivering sustainable growth consistently to our investors and employees. Exceed our internal and external customer requirements through continuous improvement and inspire employees to do their best by offering opportunities for personal development and enabling them realize their full potential.

VISION of vir laminate


Create a better everyday life for our customers. Our vision is to offer a wide range of well designed, environment friendly functional products at affordable prices and commit to deliver growth consistently to our investors and employees. Our objective is long -standing and trustful investor, customer and employee relationships by creating ‘tangible value’ consistently, efficiently and ethically.


We place great value on big, new consumer innovations. We challenge convention and reinvent the way we do business to better win in the marketplace and help customers redefine their thinking on home decor.


We encourage employees communicate with their peers and exchange ideas and thoughts, which gradually builds up trust and pride. It is about involving everyone in the company in making decisions and accepting responsibility for how the company is run, making sure, they have the knowledge, information and education to properly read and interpret data and showing people, that they have a stake in the outcomes they produce.


We respect our Rushil colleagues, customers, and treat them as we want to be treated.

We have confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions.

We believe that people work best when the environment is healthy when there is a foundation of trust.

We believe that all individuals can and want to contribute to their fullest potential.

  • We value differences
  • We inspire and enable people to achieve high expectations, standards and challenging goals.
  • We are honest with people about their performance.


We are passionate about serving our customers. We will do that with personal conviction and utmost dedication.

We strive to exceed our customer’s expectations and we do that each and every time.

We shall always give total effort to our customers and stay focused on their evolving needs.

We know everything begins with our customers and ends with our customers.


We strive for first time quality and continuous improvement of our products and services and in all that we do to meet or exceed the standards of excellence stakeholders expect of us.

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