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About VirLaminate – India’s Leading Laminate Brand

VIRLaminate - The leading laminate manufacturer in India who brings a legacy of remarkable artistry, matchless quality, and relentless passion for superiority to the table. We offer a myriad of exquisite Compact Laminate Sheets that are highly scratch-resistant, resilient, and durable at competitive price. With a production power of 3.9 million laminate sheets yearly, we have invariably ensured to deliver you an assortment of premium solutions. Owing to our guiding principles, hi-tech production technology, and availability of a stunning laminate design collection, VIRLaminate is recognized as the best laminate brand among industry experts.

With our impressive and compact laminate sheets, accessible in several sizes, 50+ textures, and around 500+ designs, our clients can trust us to furnish their residential and commercial spaces with elegance and grandeur.We believe in the best quality and exceptional service. Contact us or call us on +91 79 6140 0400 to know more about our decorative laminate sheets and price details.

Premium Decorative Laminate Brands of India

Looking for a perfect way to modernize your home? Look no further and give your home a makeover with our exclusive range of decorative laminate sheets. VIRLaminate is the best laminate brand providing an extensive range of high-quality laminate sheets. We are India's fastest growing Laminate manufacturer and supplier with a presence across the continents.

VIRLaminate is the place where passion meets expertise, resulting in quality and elegant laminate designs. The unique range of laminate sheets designed by us is distinguished by enhanced colours, sizes, types, patterns, etc. VIRLaminate allows people the flexibility to get their desired products by offering an excellent and broad choice of customized decorative sheets. We manufacture and supply a wide range of laminates with different patterns and textures, offering a vast variety and options today.

Visit our catalogs to explore our range of laminate designs and contact us directly to get other information about our laminate products like customization options, extra tips, and laminate sheet prices.

Product Features

No Finger Print Marks Laminate
No Fingerprint Marks
Scratch Resistance Laminate
Very High Scratch Resistance
Easy To Clean And Maintain Laminate
Easy To Clean And Maintain
Hygenic Laminate
Water Repellent  Laminate
Mould Formation Resistant Laminate
Resistant To Mould Formation
Chemical Resistant Laminate
High Resistance To Most Chemicals
Soft Texture Laminate
Soft Texture
Kitchen Safety Laminate
Kitchen Safe