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1MM Laminate Master Series

VIR presents the Inspirations Series, a collection of textures and finishes, inspired by the diversity of magical destinations around the world. From the stark grandeur of rocky cliffs to the magnificence of ancient woods, from the colors of beachside sunsets to the romance of heritage landmarks, Our 1mm Laminates has nuances of textures and finishes that will fill your interiors with captivating stories.

We believe in combining the classic with the unexpected, the casual with the luxurious, ‘the something familiar with something charming’. VIR Laminate offers a wide range of designs and textures, a myriad range of colors and hues to make sure your home or work space will be just as beautiful as you want it to be.

Available Size:

  • 8ft X 4ft (2440mm X 1220mm)
  • 9ft X 4.25ft (2800mm X 1300mm)
  • 10ft X 4.25ft (3050mm X 1300mm)


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